Vinschool implements Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program in the learning curriculum.

Monday, 23/04/2018, 09:04 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Education System has officially signed memorandum of understanding with Junior Achievement Viet Nam (JA) and Bach Khoa Hanoi Technology Investment and Development One Member Company Limited (BK Holdings) to implement Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program for students at Primary, Middle and High schools. With this program, Vinschool’s students will be equipped with skills and basic knowledge about economics and finance so that they may become more independent in their life and develop innovative thinking when they are at schools.

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between Vinschool, BK Holdings and JA Vietnam

As stated in 2018 memorandum, Vinschool will officially integrate Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program in the learning curriculum for students from Grade 4 to Grade 8. This program will be widely applied for students of other grades in the next years.

Financial literacy and Innovation mindset Program consists of 03 main areas: (1) Financial literacy: ways to allocate budget and use money effectively, structure and mechanism of financial systems – banks, ways to identify and prevent financial risks, etc. (2) Economic knowledge and entrepreneurship: ways to generate ideas, develop and manage business organizations, mobilize capital investment from investors and banks, etc. (3) Vocational education: ways to build up personal images, set up goals, develop action plan, and write Curriculum Vitae and Offer Letter, etc.

Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program is integrated in Life skills subject with the level of complexity and expertise ascending in every grade, thus being suitable with students of different ages.  Knowledge is delivered through a variety of activities for practical experience including games and practical exercises in order to inspire students and encourage them to apply what they learn at school in the reality.

After each school year, students are awarded certificate of completion of JA program. This certificate is considered a “passport” which helps them to join the global JA network for students, and it is also a strong ground for them to further take part in more international competitions.

At the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony, Vinschool organized a talkshow to share knowledge about personal financial management with Parents and Students.

In such developed countries as the United States of America and Singapore, financial education and innovation mindset have been integrated in their teaching curriculum since 1990s. Especially in Israel, teaching financial literacy and innovation mindset for the students at their very young ages has always been the main focus of the Government, Families and Schools. In Viet Nam, Vinschool is one of the first schools which implement Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program in the teaching curriculum for students.

Addressing at the memorandum of understanding signing ceremony, Mr. Doron Lebovich – Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Vietnam, said that: “A research study has showed that allowing students to expose to financial education and innovative thinking at their young ages would increase their possibility of achieving successes and their accumulated assets in the future. In Israel, with the support of government, schools, and families, we have been successfully developed an ecosystem to teach students about financial literacy and innovation mindset at their young ages”.

Mr. Doron Lebovich – Deputy Ambassador of Israel to Viet Nam had some sharing with Parents at Vinschool about experience of the Hebrew in teaching children about financial literacy at their young ages.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung, CEO of BK Holdings – Hanoi University of Science and Technology said that: “We are very pleased when Vinschool has developed successfully education program about Financial literacy and Innovation mindset for the students. As a facilitator of start – up at tertiary level and as a father of two students who are studying at Vinschool, I believe that equipping the students with knowledge about financial thinking and start – up thinking is of great significance”.

Education program at Vinschool is developed with the purpose of equipping students with enough knowledge, skills and qualities to live independently, successfully and happily in the global world with rapid innovations and changes. Over the past few years, Vinschool has been making a lot of investments to develop education programs and integrate a wide variety of advanced education programs such as Cambridge education program, International kindergarten program IPC (exclusive copyright in Viet Nam), 21st Century Skills program, etc.

With the implementation of Financial literacy and Innovation mindset program, Vinschool not only aims at equipping students with basic skills and knowledge about economics and finance but also desires to develop start – up thinking and innovative thinking among students which further provides them with more advantages in the competitive and integrated world.

JA is a world leading non – profit organization which is specialized in providing education programs about financial literacy for students at the school levels. Financial literacy programs of JA are developed in accordance with American standards and implemented worldwide in more than 120 countries. 

BK Holdings with much experience in implementing and developing ecosystem of start – up for students at schools and universities in Vietnam is the advisor and accompany of different start – up projects and products of Vinsers, and BK Holding also provides Vinsers with environment for practical experience.