Vinschool Hosts “The World Scholar’s Cup 2017” World Qualifier Round

Monday, 10/07/2017, 09:07 (GMT+7)

The Vinschool Education System has become the official organization in Vietnam with exclusive rights to hold the “World Scholar’s Cup 2017” World Qualifier competition. At the “global learning festival” this year the World Scholar’s Cup at Vinschool attracted over 3,000 students with the best results on previous rounds in Asia and Europe.

“The World Scholar’s Cup” was initiated and anually held since 2006. It is a special team competition for high school students worldwide with the goal of creating an international playground that challenges students with in the fields of Socio-Politics, Science-Technology, History, Literature, Music and the Arts.


The World Scholar’s Cup is seen as a “global learning festival” for students all over the world

The competition is divided into 4 parts: The Bowl, The Challenge, Collaborative Writing and Debate and encourage students to apply the knowledge they acquired in school directly into real life context, and to suggest innovative solutions to current issues. Students have a chance to express their personal talents, practice their fierce communication skills and make friends through thought enriching activities.


The vibrant atmostphere in the Regional round of The World Scholar’s Cup 2017 at Vinschool

After 11 years of success, and attracting a large number of students on a global scale, “The World Scholar’s Cup” has become a “global learning festival”. The competition attracts the attention of more than 60 countries with thousands of excellent students from international schools each year. The students will go through the Regional,World, and Final rounds. The regional round takes place in several different countries, as does the World round and the Final round is held at the University of Yale in USA.


Vinschool won 17 trophies in the Regional round and 30 teams progressed to the World round

This year’s World Scholar’s Cup is on the theme of “An Unlikely World” with a great number of sub-topics. Vinschool is an exclusive organizer for the world qualifier round, which took place in Hanoi. Athens and Cape Town also held qualifier rounds on a smaller scale.


Nguyen Minh Diep and Nguyen Vu Huyen (from right to left) – Two Vinschool students who won the gold medal in the final round in November, 2016 at Yale University. The photo is taken with Daniel Berdichvsky – the founder of the World Scholar Cup.

Vinschool is now one of the region’s leading schools with 17 trophies and 30 teams progressing to  the World Round. The World Round will be organized in collaboration with Vinschool in June, 2017 at the My Dinh National Convention Center. More than 3,000 excellent candidates from Asia and Europe will participate, and the event promises to be an exciting intellectual talent competition. The best candidates will be selected to compete in the Final round at Yale University  in November 2017.

Daniel Berdichevsky, the founder of the World Scholar Cup, said: “Vinschool became the exclusive partner in Vietnam of The World Scholar’s Cup thanks to the common goal of equipping students with a comprehensive knowledge base, focusing on developing English proficiency, stimulating learning passion as well as cultivating confidence, flexibility, creativity and training appropriate skills in 21st century skills. Vinschool is also the only school in Hanoi to meet infrastructure conditions for the competition.”

This is the first time Vinschool has been given exclusive rights to host the World Scholar’s Cup on an international scale, and the second time Vinschool students have taken part in this competition. In 2016, two Vinschool students won gold medalsin the final round held at Yale University.

Vinschool’s comprehensive education system, emphasis on 21st century skillsand focus on developing young people holistically help students to be successful in international events.. Hosting global competitions such as the World Scholar’s Cup is one of the ways Vinschool helps its students make international learning connections.

The Vinschool Education System is a non-profit K-12 Education System developed by Vingroup currently with more than 13,000 registered students.

With the goal of becoming a world-class school in Vietnam, Vinschool has actively sought international partners to bring the most advanced curriculum to its students. Following the implementation of the IPC (International Preschool Curriculum), in 2017-2018, Vinschool will apply the Cambridge International Bilingual Program for students from grades 1-8 with experienced native English teachers certified by Cambridge.

For more information about Vinschool, visit our website: www.vinschool.edu.vn