Vinschool alumnus Doan Van Anh: “Really grateful for the time at Vinschool”

Friday, 15/04/2022, 09:04 (GMT+7)

From a reserved little girl, Doan Van Anh has become an assurance associate at PwC, one of the top 4 auditing firms in the world. This is attributed to the choices she made when she was a student at Vinschool. Looking at the confident and successful girl, few people believe that the alumnus of Vinschool Times City High School used to be a timid and self-deprecating girl before entering high school.

“My time at Vinschool has had considerable influence on who I am today”

The most important lesson that Van Anh learned during her time at Vinschool was what Ms. Hoai Thu told her, “It is better to sweat on the desk than to shed tears in the exam room.” Van Anh realized that it could be applied not only to the tests at school but also to her decisions in life. She needed to do things in a way that would not make her regret in the future. This thinking was a motivation for her to break her limits and become an active girl who always knows how to grasp the opportunities that come her way.

Thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of her teachers and a dynamic learning environment that promotes interaction among students, Van Anh became less timid and proactively participated in the activities organized by her school and her class, activities such as Edurun – the run for education, Spring Festival, and so on.

 “When I look back, I feel so grateful for every small thing that I was taught.”

Her time at Vinschool also equipped Van Anh with important skills that no books could do. She said that at Vinschool, she learnt The Leader in Me – The 7 habits, which she has usually applied since she was a high school student. She can handle everything, from small tasks like decorating the classroom to complicated ones like dealing with unpredictable situations in life, thanks to these habits.

The three years at Vinschool high school helped her lay a foundation to achieve a perfect score of 40/40 in the entrance exam to the high-quality program at the Academy of Finance, then become an assurance associate at PwC, a prestigious position desired by thousands of young people. Choosing auditing and PwC was a reckless decision of hers, as she wanted to get out of her comfort zone despite knowing that this field was full of challenges and pressure.

Van Anh’s journey to success was certainly not an easy one. One piece of advice that she wants to give young people is to learn and prepare carefully before starting a job, and more importantly, always try to challenge yourself, break your limits and get out of your “comfort zones” to gain more experiences and achieve more success.

Let us wish that Van Anh will always be reassuring and consistent on her future journeys.