Timid Student From Nghe An Develops Maturity Through Kien Tao (Shaping The Future) Scholarship Program

Thursday, 11/08/2022, 15:08 (GMT+7)

Two years after the launch of Kien Tao (Shaping the Future) Scholarship, Nguyen Thi Ngan, a student from Nghe An Province, has become much more confident and mature with the support and companionship of her teachers and peers at Vinschool.

Nguyen Thi Ngan has just completed Grade 11 and is moving to Grade 12. She was one of the 68 students to be awarded with Kien Tao Scholarship from Vinschool in 2020. Over the past two years, Ngan continuously achieved high scores and became the top scorer of the Grade 11 cohort. In the last academic year, she was also selected for a team to join the provincial-level English competition. Her team is expected to take part in the competition this October.

Apart from outstanding academic success, Ngan also completed two personal projects namely “Shared Bookcase” and “Spreading Kien Tao Scholarship” during the Kien Tao Scholarship program.

“They are not major projects, but they have helped me a lot in developing my mindset and acquiring necessary knowledge about society,” said Ngan. She is also proud of her own transformation after participating in the program. Ngan admitted to being a shy introvert in the past, but after being part of the program that conducted many social activities, exchanges and seminars, she had the opportunity to interact with many teachers and friends, thus becoming more confident, energetic and sociable. She has also learnt how to become more mature during that period of time.

“I’m proud of my personal growth. I find myself so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the Kien Tao Scholarship program,” Ngan said, smiling.

To Ngan, the three weekly online sessions with Vinschool teachers have helped her deepen her knowledge and gain better insight. In addition, the career orientation sessions organized by Vinschool were also great opportunities for her to broaden her understanding and have a clearer idea about her future path, she added.

After graduating from high school, she wants to enter her favorite university with a major in Chinese language.

She also encouraged the students who have been awarded the Kien Tao Scholarship this year by saying, “You guys should try your best, be yourself and put in lots of effort because your families, teachers, and classmates are always there to support you. I believe you can do it”.

The Kien Tao Scholarship program is an educational charity project launched by Vinschool for the first time in 2020. The program not only helps bridge the gap in educational disparity and opportunities for success between students in underprivileged rural areas and those in urban areas, but also gives them a source of inspiration to continue their journey to pursue knowledge, realize dreams, and overcome difficulties for a brighter future.

Interested students can apply for a Kien Tao Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year before August 15, 2022 by clicking HERE.

Parents, individuals and organizations can refer potential students to the scholarship program by contacting the Organizing Committee at [email protected].

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