The Science Program at Vinschool

Friday, 09/11/2018, 15:11 (GMT+7)

Starting from the 2018 – 2019 academic year, the Vinschool Education System localizes Cambridge’s IGCSE Combined Sciences Curriculum and introduces the subject to students from grade 1 to 8 in Vinschool’s Standardized classes. This is the first international curriculum that was allowed to be imported, localized and introduced in the classroom by the Ministry of Education and Training. The IGCSE curriculum has been rolled out in over 10 thousand schools in 160 countries over the world, meeting the requirements of the new teaching curriculum of the MOET, combining Biology, Chemistry and Physics learning into one through international standard of pro-active teaching methodologies.

The world has changed quickly thanks to scientific and technological advances, particularly in the context of the current 4.0 Industry. Therefore, Vinschool wishes to prepare students with a scientific foundation that can adapt to these changes. In order to meet this goal, students will need to have a combined learning of theoretical and real-life knowledge, practical skills to prepare themselves for the future.

The Cambridge IGCSE Combined Sciences gives learners the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as a single Science subject. The separate syllabi will be taught in tandem across all grades, through repetition, and increasing difficulty level as students progress. This teaching methodology will allow students to better remember knowledge and to delve deeper into various subjects.

Teaching methodology will also see big changes. Instead of one-way lectures, teachers will use guidance questions to lead students through the knowledge-acquisition target of the lesson, hone students’ group work skills and aptitude for science, thereby creating an innovative and refreshing learning environment for students.

Starting from the 1st grade, students can learn to interact with other students through group activities, understand how science is learned and practiced. Teachers will guide students to acquire knowledge naturally through practicing what they learn. Students will no longer learn passively, instead of copying down instructions in an imitative manner, with a heavy emphasis on theory, they can experience and take the initiative in acquiring knowledge through practice.

Vinschool has also fostered a flexible and unique learning environment: learning is not limited to the classroom, or the lab, but throughout the whole school’s premises. And of course, teaching aids and materials are diverse and modern as well.

The Cambridge’s Science curriculum will help students to build on their inquiry skills, and nurture in them a passion for scientific research and discovery, to train their independent learning abilities. These will be invaluable skills for students’ success in the future