The Official Copyright Transfer Of The 21st – Century Skills Program To Vinschool

Friday, 09/02/2018, 10:02 (GMT+7)

In August 2017, Vinschool officially implemented the 21st century skills curriculum developed by Lance G. King, an internationally recognized expert in the field of learning skills and innovative educational approaches, to help students achieve academic excellence. In the school year 2017-2018, Vinschool became the first institution in Vietnam to integrate this program into its curriculum. The school also published a bilingual textbook (English and Vietnamese) of 21st century skills exclusively for its students and teachers.

The “21st century program” at Vinschool aims at character building among students and teaching them the core skills for future success. The entire curriculum comprises of 134 skills ranging from self-management skills (emotional and behavioral management, self-awareness), social skills (listening, empathy, sharing, collaboration, leadership, and communication), cognitive skills (critical thinking, creative thinking) to study skills (listening, reading, writing, taking notes, preparing for and taking exams, working in teams and researching…), which help students to master their learning and hone their adaptability to future changes.

Vinschool is the first and only institution in Vietnam to receive the “21st century skills” curriculum copyright from the world-leading education expert – Lance G. King

The author of the “21st century skills” curriculum is Lance G. King – the world’s leading expert on skills training for students. His book “The Approaches to Learning” is currently being used at 4.655 International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in over 160 countries around the world. Built upon this success, Lance together with Vinschool experts have written and published a textbook for Vinschool students named “A Vinser’s Handbook: Learning Skills for Success”, which Vinschool  holds exclusive copyright in Vietnam.

Lance G. King is the author of the “21st century skills” curriculum as well as “The Approaches to Learning” that is now being used at 4.655 IB schools in over 160 countries.

The “21st Century Skills” program provides Vinschool students with outstanding competitive advantages by the time they graduate from high school, building a solid foundation for success in higher education. A systematic curriculum was devised for students from grades 1 to 12 with extensive exercises for students to practice and become master of those skills. All teachers are trained intensively on how to effectively implement the “21st Century Skills” curriculum in class to allow students to understand and practice each skill.


Vinschool has organized a number of parent workshops to provide useful information about the program for parents and, ultimately, build stronger parent-school collaboration. Parents highly appreciate Vinschool’s pro-activeness in keeping up with global trends in education.

Similar to many other educational programs, parents also play a vital role in helping their children to practice 21st century skills at home. Therefore, Vinschool has organized a number of parent workshops about the program and, subsequently, build stronger parent-school collaboration.


All teachers are trained intensively on how to effectively implement the “21st Century Skills” curriculum in class to allow students to understand and practice each skill.

The introduction of the 21st century skills program this year is a clear proof of Vinschool’s commitment to quality, which the school has always been pursuing since its inception. Instead of passive learning, the Vinschool curriculum encourages students to develop their own characters and competencies to become proactive individuals, independent thinkers, and lifelong learners.

Vinschool’s “21st century skills” program allows students to practice and apply skills in school as well as their daily lives. The program has also been implemented and proven a success in numerous IB schools around the world. This is, undoubtedly, a cornerstone in Vinschool’s efforts in preparing its students with not only knowledge but also competencies.