The month of May – Back-to-school day with unprecedented moments

Tuesday, 02/06/2020, 09:06 (GMT+7)

A very special summer this year… May 2020 is probably always in the back of the mind of many Vinsers as well as teachers and staff across the Vinschool network. After the “special Tet holiday” spanning more than 3 months, they went back to school with feelings they had never experienced before.

The classroom area, together with all specialized rooms and shared spaces, were disinfected before the back-to-school day.

All preparations for the back-to-school day were carefully made, especially to ensure sanitation and hygiene, and student safety. Schools conducted the disinfection of their entire classrooms, function rooms, and shared spaces such as staircases, lobby, hallways, cafeterias, etc. All classroom equipment went under maintenance and were sanitized before the students’ returned.

Like her colleagues, this teacher was decorating the classroom to welcome her students back to school after a long break.

“The school’s vibrancy has been replaced by true silence. Now that I am about to see my beloved students again, along with the bright smiles of their parents and my fellow workers, I cannot help my overflowing excitement”, shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram, Teacher.

“Without the students, there seems to be no vibrant energy in the air, and the trees are just standing there trying to overcome their sadness. I’m very happy that the students are about to return to school. It is shared happiness among all of us who work for Vinschool, I believe”, added Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh, Housekeeper.


In all schools throughout the Vinschool network, the teachers were very pleased to welcome Vinsers and their parents on the back-to-school day. It was an unforgettable experience for all to wave at each other from afar with masks covering their faces.

Vinsers were excited to return to school after a long break due to the pandemic.

Ms. Le Thi Ngoc Diep, Principal of Vinschool Central Park Primary school, shared: “The students cannot wait to get back to school to be reunited with their teachers and classmates, and we teachers are longing to see their happy faces again”.

Le Dung, a student from Vinschool The Harmony Primary school, said: “I thought it would be a lot of fun to have a long Tet holiday but in fact it wasn’t. I could only see my classmates and teachers online, so I really missed them. Excitement overwhelms me as I return to school today. If I were to rate my excitement on a scale of 10, I would give it an 11. Last night, I carefully prepared for my classes today and went to bed early. It was great to see my classmates and teachers again and catch up after the lockdown”.

Eagerness was written on the faces of these kindergarteners as they saw their classmates and teachers again.

Ms. Mai Phuong, Principal of Vinschool The Harmony 1 Kindergarten, could hardly hide her joy: “Our teachers and staff haven’t been their usual ebullient selves for so long. It is not until today that the schoolyard gets lively again. Despite the long break, our students are still well-disciplined and confident. Alvin students had been attending online classes and receiving wholehearted guidance and support from their teachers as they stayed home during the pandemic, so their knowledge and skills are very strong. Now they’re totally ready for Grade 1”.

While kindergarteners were excited about their return to school, their parents expressed satisfaction with Vinschool’s precautionary measures and the safety of the pick-up procedure. Mother of Lan Khue, a student from Class Alvin 3, Vinschool Central Park Kindergarten – P7, said: “We feel secure about how the school keeps our children safe amid the pandemic. Thanks to the prior online training, they demonstrate good skills today and remember to bring everything the teacher told them. I hope all children and teachers will stay safe”.


Schools always put student safety first. Students have their temperature checked every morning before school starts and are reminded to bring their own water bottles and hand sanitizer to class. In particular, Vinschool has put into use 30 automatic body temperature scanners financed by Vingroup. The use of these scanners not only makes the measurement more convenient and helps save manpower but it also ensures proper distance from the students.

Vinschool has put into use 30 automatic body temperature scanners funded by Vingroup.

Le Nguyen Nhan Nghia from Class 8A19, Vinschool Times City Secondary school, shared: “The school cares so much about our safety. Practical measures have been applied such as spraying disinfectant, making hand sanitizer available around the school, disseminating relevant information on a frequent basis, and so on. That makes us feel secure”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, parent of a student from Vinschool Times City Kindergarten – T1-2, said: “The use of automatic body temperature scanners is highly effective and makes the measurement much simpler. We can rest assured of how Vinschool reacts to the pandemic”.