The journey to overcome learning barriers of a Kien tao Scholarship recipient

Wednesday, 24/08/2022, 15:08 (GMT+7)

Born and raised in Đong Thap province, Nguyễn Ly Thao Vy, class 9A6 of Thuong Thoi Tien Middle School has been constantly striving to advance both in learning and in life.

In the past school year, Thao Vy has achieved outstanding achievements by winning the District Third Prize and the Provincial Encouragement Prize for the Start-up Ideas Competition; and the District First Prize for the Summer Children’s Art Talent Competition.

Not only is she a bright example of academic excellence, Thao Vy is also a very diligent and hardworking daughter who helps her parents with their work around the house. Her parents are often far away due to work, therefore Thảo Vy stays with her grandparents, and soon learnt to live independently. Vy helps her grandparents cook, clean their house, grow vegetables, raise chickens,… for their meals.

Besides attending school for her lessons, Thao Vy actively participates in the activities of the School Youth Organisation and artistic programmes organised by the District and Event Centres. Thanks to her good voice, Thảo Vy is trusted by many people to “hold the mic”. With the extra money earned after these shows, Thao Vy saved enough money to pay for her school fees and books.

Talking about the Kien Tao Scholarship programme, Thao Vy shared: “In the past, I did not have the Internet, and did not have access to information. However, since participating in the programme, I have been supported by the school with Wi-Fi and a laptop to connect with teachers. With this support, it is as if I am creating the future, and having a clear direction for myself”.

Thao Vy is now more confident in her ability to present and communicate in foreign languages with teachers, and her academic achievements have progressed every day. Vy said that her dream is to pass the language entrance exam of her favourite University.

“I will always appreciate the advisory board, teachers, and students of the Kien Tao Scholarship, and I wish the programme will forever be a bridge to nurturing talents, to support friends in the same situation as me, so that they have the opportunity to develop themselves”, Thao Vy expressed.