The first Cambridge semester: Vinsers get used to the new study methods

Wednesday, 28/02/2018, 01:02 (GMT+7)

After one semester of execution,the Cambridge program – ainternational education program for 5 to 19 years old students worldwide, with 8 million students in 10,000 schools from 160 countries- has been excitedly welcomed by Vinsers.

Mr. Phan Anh, Principal of VinschoolSecondary School, said: “The teaching contents of the program arebuilt with high quality but still “open”tocreate opportunities for creativity and collaboration in teaching and learning. The Vinschoolapproachesto exploit the strengths of Vinsers–which are the initiatives anddesire to learn from successful group projects,to focus onpracticality, scientific experiment-based class, etc. The joy and excitement of the students with the new learning methodsand new contentsare the great success that Vinschool has achieved.”


“The implementation of the Cambridge Vinschool program was wonderful,” said Mr. Sean P.O’Maonaigh, Director of Cambridge Program at Vinschool. “All experts, teachers and officers have worked together to overcome the challenges and effectively implement the program in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.The program is ongoing well, and we have successfully completed the first semester. The teachers, many of whom are foreign teachers, have adapted to the new working environment atVinschool and built good relationships with their students. Teachers in Vinschool Cambridge Program have made a tremendous contribution to the development of curriculum, lectures, and provided the best learning environment for students.”


After a semester, many of our students have expressed their passion and interest in the Cambridge program. Ms. Nguyen Hoang My Anh – Grade 6B3, VinschoolSecondary School said: “Learning with the Cambridge curriculum is very fun and interesting. I do not find it difficult to study the subjects in English because the teachers are very kind and make us understand the lessons easily, I love my teachers. After a semester, my English has been greatly improved. Previously I found my English not very good but now this is my best subject at school.”

Mr. Hoang Duong Bao Anh – 6B3, VinschoolSecondary School is also very confident to share: “Subjects in the Cambridge programare taught in English, and there are new and difficult subjects but the teachers make them much easier to understand. This valuable experience can help me feel familiar with study aboard in the future and better integrate into a new environment. I can self-study at home, if any difficulties, I only need to ask my parents for reference without any reminders from them because I have learnt how to study actively. Now, I can arrange time for all school work, extra-curricular activities and hanging out with my parents and friends.