The 36-day fight against COVID-19 and inquisitiveness of a Vinser

Thursday, 08/07/2021, 17:07 (GMT+7)

In the COVID-19 screening test at Vinschool in late May 2021, N.V.C (5th grade Vinser) was found positive, hence his isolation at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2 while he was preparing for his end-of-term 2 tests. Read on for more details about the 36-day fight against COVID-19 of this brave “warrior”.

(Story of N.V.C – 5th grade Vinser and his mother)

Vinser’s inquisitiveness amid COVID-19

Despite being hospitalized when his end-of-term 2 tests were coming up, C. clearly demonstrated the core value “inquisitiveness” of Vinsers. The little boy took medicine every day but still managed to attend all online revision lessons and completed the virtual tests in the hospital.
C. said he wanted to take the tests just as his classmates did, and believed he would do well. D.B.L., mother of C., shared: “While in the hospital, C. made a to-do list every day and stuck very closely to it. He also set alarms for his online classes. There was no difference between his online learning at home and in the hospital. As a Vinser, he was familiar with studying virtually since he had been doing it for a long time. Ms. Giang, his homeroom teacher, checked in on him very often to make sure he did not overworked himself. She also facilitated his participation by asking him to contribute ideas, just like what she usually did in real-life classrooms”.

Besides revising and sitting for his end-of-term 2 tests, C. spent a considerable amount of time attending online summer classes on tutor.vinschool.edu.vn. His mother recalled: “At first, I thought he’d better spare some time to relax after a period of hard work. But then I found out that the summer classes were great. C. is particularly interested in Math, so he decided to take Math classes for grade 6 before he actually entered Secondary school. At that point, I had been discharged from the hospital already, so he remained there alone and continued his online classes with a mobile phone. He made time for Raz-Kids, yoga, online learning, reading, writing a diary entry, and more. After his first Math class, he excitedly told me over the phone that calculating with negative numbers was not as hard as he had thought”.

Hospital isolation did not deter C. from attending online classes and taking end-of-term 2 tests.
(Photo: by C.’s family)

 C.’s optimistic state of mind and how it relates to his Primary years at Vinschool

Upon being asked about how he overcame this unexpected challenge, C. answered with confidence: “I tried to stay optimistic and kept myself busy doing things that I love. My inner voice said I was lucky enough to have my loved ones with me. People could overcome this, so why couldn’t I?”.

His mother had an emotional recall: “We were terrified to know that C. tested positive with COVID-19 and had to travel alone from Hai Phong to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2 for isolation. I thought he would be scared to traverse more than 100km by himself, in a protective gown, with strangers surrounding him. But then we felt relieved when hearing his calm voice over the phone. He went through the hospital admission procedure on his own and stayed there all alone. A few days later, I joined him in the isolation area. During his 36 days in the hospital, his calmness and optimism could be felt very clearly. That is partly attributed to his Primary years at Vinschool, I believe. School activities such as fire drill, lockdown drills, etc. taught him to remain calm to deal with unexpected situations, while other activities at Vinschool largely enriched his emotional world. He experienced a range of emotions when participating in sports tournaments and got nervous when taking part in a piano competition for the first time. I’m happy that he has spent his Primary years at Vinschool”.

C. is now back at home and still keeps the habits he has practiced over the past month, including yoga, reading, and online learning. Moreover, he stays positive and happy all the time. C. is preparing for grade six by attending online classes every week. The unexpected challenge of contracting COVID-19 was just a test of his courage, and it will make him stronger.