Tet Fair Vinsers 2018 acts out New Year’s traditions of countries worldwide

Thursday, 01/03/2018, 00:03 (GMT+7)

As an annual event of Vinschool Education System, Tet Fair Vinsers 2018 was celebrated excitingly with the topic “Vietnamese Tet- Greeting the world”. This event not only broughtthe springtime atmosphere, butit was also considered a meaningfuleducational activity about the traditional Tet Holiday of our country. Besides, this event brought about a chance for students to learn about the New Year’s traditions of many countries in the world and immerse in an internationalspring full of colors and excitement.

To introduce students about the Tet cultures, in the Culture Week taken place before the Tet Fair, we helped students learn about the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday and the New Year celebrations of many nations such as Australia, Russia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. After conducting some research, with the support from parents and teachers, students acted different traditions out, introducedthem to friends and participants right at their class’s booth. They also showed that they were talent and proactivestudents through a series of activities led by themselves.

In the “Culture Week”, Vinschool students were really excited to join some learning activities with the help of teachers and experience the New Year’s traditions as well as special cultures of  othercountries. They also welcomed many special guests to Vinschool to talk and share about the New Year’s traditions from elsewhere in the world. Many Vinsers were deeply impressed when the Italian Ambassador to Vietnam (outermost right side) came to Vinschool to show how to make the traditional Italian pasta and share about the Italian New Year’s traditions as well as their cultures.

Following many activities of the Culture Week, each class acted out the distinctive features of each country in their New Year’s Eve by decorating their booth and organizing interesting activities.

Students sold products/ food/ specialties/ souvenirs of different countries and organized traditional games or the culture learning contests. Students and parents wore the traditional costumes and were encouraged to learn some greetings inother languages to impress their guests.

Participating the Tet fair, Vinsers were very active in introducing the cultures of different countries to their friends. Students can learn from their friends, from their ownexperience, and this was a very strong foundation for them to integrate in different cultures, become global citizens, and become true Vinsers in the 21st century.

On stage, student acted out unique traditions from many countries through their distinctive dance performances in the “World Dance” contest. Students playing the role of dancers from many continents surprised and made the audiences excited with international dance showingglobal integration spirits.

Beside the international activities, the traditional Tet holiday of Vietnam was also lively acted out through many highlights of the fair such as making Chung cake, writing calligraphy and playing many traditional games.

To introduce students about the culture beauties of Vietnam, the calligraphy contest “Vinsers with Tet’s Red Couplets” was organized for students to demonstrate their talent in making couplets and writing calligraphy. The little calligraphymasters in the traditional Aodaialso together acted out the historical examination compound and honored the studious spirit of the Vietnamese.

Aiming to connect love within the family, the Tet Fair also celebrated the traditions of making Chung cake and Tet cake among parents and children. This experience brought many people back to the old memories of Tet when parents taught their children to make the Chung cake before Tet holiday.

Many invited guests were impressed by the art exhibition of students. Each piece of art was a distinctive feeling about Vietnamese Tet. Through the unique work of art made by their friend, students had chance to know more about the historical traditions of our country, hence, loving and respecting them more.

Our invited guests were excited to immerse in the Tet atmosphere of Tet Fair 2018. At Tet Fair 2018, Vinschool studentslearnt that the essence of our countries was really respected by our international friends.Vinsers now have known and been proud of the traditional Tet and our country traditions in general.