TEDxVinschoolHanoi – The power and inspiration of words

Wednesday, 08/07/2020, 12:07 (GMT+7)

The 11 young speakers, with their inspirational stories themed “Learn to lead”, really touched the audience’s heart, spread values, and made the first ever TEDxVinschoolHanoi so unforgettable. What’s more, this special event was organized by Vinsers.

Having an opportunity to stand on the stage of TEDx as a speaker to communicate ideas to the public is probably the dream of many people. On the morning of June 20, 11 students from Vinschool and 2 international schools in Hanoi had their dream come true at TEDxVinschoolHanoi, held at the Theater of Vinschool The Harmony Primary school.

The first TEDxVinschoolHanoi ever held at Vinschool by Vinsers left lasting imprints indeed.

TED is home to “ideas worth spreading”, a platform where recognized figures from different fields share their knowledge and bring endless inspiration to the community. Inheriting the spirit of TED events, TEDxVinschoolHanoi 2020 unfolded inspirational stories and introduced young leaders with different perspectives.

Despite the same theme “LEARN TO LEAD”, each speech was unique in its own way.

To engage the audience, the young speakers skillfully added to their speeches with convincing research data or provoking stories like Newton and the falling apple, the renowned Mona Lisa painting, or even the story about our beloved mother.

In my opinion, being loud doesn’t always mean being powerful”, shared Nguyen Vu Ha Linh, a student speaker from Vinschool The Harmony Primary school, in her speech entitled “Introversion makes powerful leaders”.

Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong, a speaker from Vinschool Times City Secondary school, voiced her opinion “Leadership is not simply guiding a group of people; leading is making effective impacts” in her speech called “Why is making decisions essential for leadership?”.

In addition to improving their English proficiency and acquiring new knowledge and skills, the student speakers proudly saw themselves going beyond their limits as they communicated their ideas confidently on the stage of TEDx.

Pham Minh Chau, a 13-year-old girl from Vinschool Metropolis Secondary school, wowed the audience with her creative, insightful speech.

“To be honest, I was overwhelmed in the first rehearsal. However, I practiced speaking English every day after that day and that gave me the confidence to deliver my speech to everyone today. I’ve learned so much from TEDxVinschoolHanoi and have seen myself grow. I hope other students will keep asking ‘Why?’. That simple question may generate surprisingly huge values”, shared Pham Minh Chau.

TEDxVinschoolHanoi also attracted the participation of many students, teachers, and parents. All the participants were very eager to hear the speeches by the student speakers and amazed at their self-confidence, English proficiency and excellent presentation skills.

More than just an event, TEDxVinschoolHanoi was an open space where the student speakers could meet up with and learn from each other.

“I am surprised to know that many young speakers who are only in grade 5 can deliver their speeches in English so confidently. I’m particularly impressed by Minh Chau’s. After listening to their speeches, I strongly believe that they are excellent future leaders”, shared Vinser Pham Hung.

“Each student speaker brings their own inspirational idea to TEDx and communicates it in an original way. I’ve learned so much from their speeches”, said Nguyen Cong Duy Anh from Vinschool Times City Secondary school, excitedly.

TEDxVinschoolHanoi 2020 could be that successful thanks to the dedicated members of the Organizing Committee who are students from Vinschool The Harmony Secondary and High schools. They had been working hard for 9 months to recruit members, select candidates, support idea development, and plan for the big event.

Members of TEDxVinschoolHanoi 2020 Organizing Committee are students from Vinschool The Harmony Secondary and High schools.

“I was very excited and worried at the same time as I received an email from the Principal suggesting the idea of organizing a TEDx event at Vinschool. After so many challenges, I can hardly believe that it is a great success. My sincere thanks go to my teachers and friends for putting their trust in me even when I doubted myself. TEDxVinschoolHanoi is truly a journey of knowledge and a lasting memory for us as the Organizing Committee and also the student speakers”, shared Do Minh Ngoc, a 10th grader from Vinschool The Harmony High school, Head of the Organizing Committee, at the event.

More than just an event where ideas worth spreading are well-communicated, TEDxVinschoolHanoi left indelible imprints on everyone’s heart and mind for its valuable lessons.