Talk Psychology 2022: The Voice of Vinsers on Happiness!

Wednesday, 15/03/2023, 03:03 (GMT+7)

In the topic of psychology 2022's discussion on "Happiness: Created or Found?", Vinsers reflected on the two opposites of happiness: Is happiness the result of a person's efforts to pursue specific goals while using their willpower? Or, Do you choose your perspective based on your circumstances and the setting in which you find happiness?

At the Talk Psychology Final Round of the 2022–2023 academic year, which was conducted on January 12, 2023, at Vinschool Imperia, Hai Phong, nine talented Vinsers from various high schools of the Vinschool Education System provided insightful responses to these thought-provoking challenges. Each report adopts a diverse strategy supported by compelling scientific data and sharp arguments.

Some Vinsers believe that achieving the highest level of happiness requires perseverance, self-mastery, and actively developing their basic principles. Some Vinsers believe that joy and happiness may be found all around us, and that the key to noticing and appreciating them is mental stillness. While some Vinsers broaden their views to look for personal satisfaction in the joy of others and society, other Vinsers seek happiness by penetrating every level of emotions, both happy and sad. All of these voices shared their unique, colourful tales and sentiments that painted a joyful picture.

Mr. Khúc Năng Toàn, Professional Coordinator of the AP Psychology Programme, reflected on the Talk Psychology Forum 2022 and said, “I feel proud, and delighted for what the Vinsers have researched, considered, and contributed to this forum, but I also start to feel perplexed and sceptical. We constantly work to bring happiness into our lives and the lives of others around us, but do we ever pause to consider whether what we do and have, truly brought us happiness? Even the most mature individuals were forced to consider their road to happiness by the compelling and colourful voices of the Vinsers on the forum.

The School Psychology Office (SPO) and AP Psychology teachers created Talk Psychology 2022 as a component of a larger initiative at Vinschool to monitor, support, and care for students’ mental health. This initiative also includes the creation of school counselling services, the use of cutting-edge technology to track students’ mental health, and teacher training in mental health-related topics. All Vinschool schools, from kindergarten through high school, adopt holistic pedagogies that link student mental health and learning quality in an effort to foster a positive learning environment.

Listen to Vinser’s reflections on happiness at the Talk Psychology Forum 2022 here: