Take A Look At The First Vinschool Campus In Ho Chi Minh City During The School Opening Ceremony

Friday, 09/02/2018, 10:02 (GMT+7)

In the school year 2017 – 2018, Vinschool launched its first campus in HCMC. The students of Vinschool Central Park had an impressive and memorable School Opening Ceremony.

Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
The Opening ceremony 2017-2018 for students of Vinschool Central Park took place in a warm and joyful atmosphere.
Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
School’s Management Board members and teachers welcomed their students from the school gate. This image touched the hearts of many parents and students.
Students are very excited to receive greeting cards from their teachers. These cards remind the students of the 5 Vinsers’ core values: Inquisitiveness – Proactiveness – Integrity – Caring – Respect
All Vinsers are eager to start their first school year at a new school.
Mr Sean P. O’Maonaigh – Director of the Cambridge program beats the drum to inaugurate the new school year.
The theme for this school year is “21st century Vinsers – Ready to build the Future”, which is clearly reflected through the students’ leadership in putting together the ceremony, being MCs in English and Vietnamese, choreographing the acts, and performing on stage.
Mash-up: Ly keo chai (traditional instruments), Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 (Western instruments), and Magical hands (Flashmob) bring vibrant atmosphere to the ceremony.

This is the first year for Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City. The new campus with state-of-the-art facilities is located in the heart of Vinhomes Central Park Urban Area. Let’s take a peek at Vinschool students at their new school:

The new Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City has modern infrastructure that meets international standards with green space, indoor swimming pool, library, multifunction hall and labs.
Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
All classrooms are fully equipped with projectors, magnetic board, felt board, air-conditioners/heaters, soundproof walls and doors, speakers and sound systems. Tables and chairs can be easily moved around to fit different in-class activities.
Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
Modern ICT lab of Vinschool students. Vinschool is a Microsoft Showcase School because of its commitment to embrace technology to transform education and improve learning outcomes for students.
Music rooms with both modern and traditional instruments that bring out students’ talents. Arts is also one of the five components in the comprehensive education program at Vinschool. In addition to music and choir, students also learn about drawing/painting and dance, as part of the curriculum.
Vinschool Central Park has two libraries for primary and secondary students with a large volume of books in many different areas such as Mathematics, Literature, Science, English language and so on. Vinschool also pays great attention in developing a reading culture for its students.

Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City

Two swimming pools meet the requirements of the Physical Education Program for Primary and Secondary students. Pool water continuously goes through two specialized purification systems. All students at Vinschool Central Park receive swimming lessons as part of the Physical Education program.
Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
Multifunction hall is equipped for a variety of sports such as basketball, badminton and so on. In addition, the school also has artificial turf fields for students to learn football.
Vinschool in Ho Chi Minh City
Vovinam (Vietnamese martial arts) is included in the Physical Education program from grades 1 to 12, aiming at enhancing students’ physical abilities as well as teaching them the value of respect and integrity
In the school year 2017-2018, Vinschool became the first institution in Vietnam to integrate the 21st Century Skills program into its curriculum. The school also published a bilingual textbook (English and Vietnamese) of 21st-century skills exclusively for its students and teachers.