Ryan Giggs: “When you find your dream, pursue it to the end”

Friday, 09/02/2018, 17:02 (GMT+7)

“Success comes only to those who have passion and persistence in overcoming difficulties to pursue this passion to the end.” That was the strong message that Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes conveyed in a talk with Vinschool students on the morning of November 22 at Vinschool High School (Hanoi).

Vinsers, for the first time, directly interacted with football “legends”. This was an opportunity for students to listen to inspirational stories of two players about their childhood, their memories in football matches, and their ways to overcome difficulties as well as create motivation for them.


Vinschool students confidently talked, introduced, and took players to visit their school. They shared with the two players about the school’s physical education program, in which football is a core subject and a favorite sport among many students.


Meeting and talking with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes was a “dream comes true” for many students.


Asked about the decisive factor for their success, two players had a very meaningful exchange with students. “To be selected in MU, not only do we need talent, we also have to train hard for days and months. Every day, in the early morning, you need to think about the ways to achieve your dream, which will create motivation for more hard work. Therefore, every day, for me, is so special”, said Paul Scholes.

Ryan Giggs, meanwhile, asserted, “I think not only in football but in any career, hard work is a must. We always try to complete ourselves more and never stop”.


Many students also directly questioned the players during the talk. The question players received were mostly about how to face difficulties and failures. “When you have failed so many times and people around you say you should quit, what will you do and hope for?” asked one student.


“When you’re a football player, your fans have high expectation for you and put their trust in you when you play. If you do not perform well, it will disappoint your fans. At this time, remember the reason why you want to become a football player. So, do not stop believing in yourself and always pursue your dream. Life always has ups and downs and you need to find a balance. This is when you should find your friends and colleagues. They will help you get through this difficult time”, said Ryan Giggs.


During the event, a playground with the ball was put up on the stage, which made students very excited. Students were divided into two teams and competed in bumping balls. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes were captains of each team. The hall exploded when they saw their idols bumping balls on the stage.



At the end of the talk, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes signed 10 balls as gifts to Vinschool. These balls were auctioned off to Vinschool parents to donate to charity building schools for underprivileged children.


The most special thing happened when the event came at the end. It was a surprise for the two players when students gave them their portraits on the stage. As the two players were born in November, Vinschool students sang “Happy Birthday” to send their love to them.


With excitement, Ryan Giggs suggested taking a “selfie” with Vinschool students in this moment. The event closed with beautiful images in the hearts of participants. In particular, the two football players had inspired students – the young generation with stories about passion and success.

On November 20, 2017, two former players of Manchester United, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes came to Vietnam to attend the opening ceremony of PVF Youth Football Training Center under Vingroup. Ryan Giggs also signed on to become the Director of Football at PVF Center for two years. His goal is to train young players, helping the Vietnamese football team in general and young players in particular access to world’s major tournaments and head towards the World Cup 2030.