Review of Book Week 2019 in Vinschool Southern schools – Vinsers grow, thought by thought, action by action!

Tuesday, 03/12/2019, 08:12 (GMT+7)

Together with their peers from other schools in the Vinschool Education System, Vinsers in Southern schools had an exciting Book Week 2019. The love for books grew in each Vinser, teacher, and parent thanks to many exciting activities of the event.

Vinsers expressed themselves through interesting activities

Vinser proved their creative thinking and great imagination through many competitions such as Junior writers, Book Cover Design and Bookmark Design. Vinser took the opportunity to showcase their composition skills in different forms of writing including comic, short story, poem, quiz, etc. in both Vietnamese and English languages.

Vinsers’ reports on the Junior Writers project at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School.
To prepare themselves for composition contests, Vinsers at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School attended a workshop on writing skills with Writer Hamlet Truong.

Vinsers’ works were inspired by friendship, school, family and so on. Vinsers had a chance to show their talents through their  surprising works. To honor their efforts, the best works were put together in a book for sale on the Book Fair Day to raise funds for charity.

The best works were selected for printing and selling on the Book Fair Day to raise funds for charity.

Besides many appealing and creative activities, Vinsers also showed their spirit of sharing through the activity “Book donation” – a project to build a Charity Bookcase, and the activity “A book for a book” where they exchange books with one another. The books went to new readers who really need them, helping spread the reading culture and create an inspiration among all readers.

The exhibition was surprising with many beautiful and meaningful paintings by Vinsers.
Vinsers exchanged their books for coupons which could be used to get other books on the Book Fair Day.

Challenges for Vinsers in each exciting competition

Book Week 2019 not only encouraged the reading culture, but also gave Vinsers a chance to show their knowledge and proactiveness through the Debating contest and the Book introduction contest. These challenging competitions enabled Vinsers to prove their abilities and share their own thoughts on many issues in life.

The Book review contest was an opportunity for Vinsers to show their presentation skills and boost their self-confidence.

Ms. Carolen Mary Nash Beresford, ESL teacher at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School, shared: “The Book Week 2019 is wonderful because it gives Vinsers an opportunity to show their miraculous abilities through creative activities and interesting contests. I think the best thing about the Book Week is that it makes Vinsers amazed at how great they are. Vinsers should be very proud of themselves; they should know that they can do anything and they can change the world”.

Great support from parents for the Book Week

To seek parents’ help with spreading of the reading culture, many were invited to join some interesting activities such as sharing books with their children at school and reading books with them at home. Parents even wrote their favorite quotes on small notes and then stuck them to the wall so that others could read them and be inspired. These activities helped fuel a passion for reading in each family member.

Parents took the opportunity to share quotes about books on the Library wall.

At the end of the Book Week, parents were given merit awards by the schools for their efforts to help spread the reading culture.

Ms. Tran Thanh Mai, parent of a Vinser at Vinschool Central Park Primary School, said after joining the Book Week 2019 with her child: “This year’s Book Week is a lot more meaningful with so many activities, and it has shown us the core values of Vinschool. Any family without good reading habits should come to Vinschool where our eyes are really opened on how to help our children learn to love reading. As a parent, I feel very happy because the school has helped my child gain more knowledge and inspired not only my child but my whole family to read”.

Colorful Book Fair Day

In activities like Book Character Role Play and Rhythm of Books, Vinsers were able to show their talents by adapting books and stories into plays and musicals which could be performed on stage. Their mind-blowing arts performances left unforgettable impressions of Vinsers’ creativity, uniqueness, deep understanding of their national culture, as well as their selection and acceptance of the new trends in the modern era.

Creative and mind-blowing performances in the Book Character Role Play activity.

The Book Week 2019 helped Vinsers improve themselves and grow, action by action, thought by thought. Above all, Vinsers were able to show their friends, teachers and parents how special they were. The strong impressions made by Vinsers during the Book Week 2019 clearly proved the spirit  “Read to Lead” upon which the event was based.