Revealing the top Six teams that will compete in the Economic Forum 2022–2023 final

Thursday, 30/03/2023, 03:03 (GMT+7)

The top six teams from the Economic Forum 2022–2023 will officially compete in the Final Round following two qualifying rounds with stringent Professional Council selection; the programme will be streamed on Vinschool's official Facebook page on April 12, 2023.

Watch the six teams, from Vinschool high schools across the country, present in the Economic Forum 2022-2023’s last round- with the theme “Global Inflation & The Risk of World Economic Recession” to:

  • Enthusiastically cheer the six teams’ presentations expressing the views and sharp perspectives on “Global Inflation & The Risk of World Economic Recession”.
  • Listen to in-depth reviews and exchanges from economic experts from leading universities.
  • Be motivated to learn, educate yourself on current economic concerns, and pursue a career in economics.

The economies of Vietnam and the rest of the world were severely impacted by critical issues such as the Covid 19 pandemic, the energy crisis, armed war, worldwide inflation, etc. What caused all of this, then? This will be answered in the presentation of Phan Nhật Nam, Vũ Thanh Ngân and Đặng Bùi Xuân Lâm from Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong.

Vinschool Imperia High School Team

Phạm Thảo Hương and Tống Minh Ngọc of Vinschool Times City High School, this year’s two new recruits to the Economic Forum, bring economic knowledge from the United States with their discussion of American inflation and the effects of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates on the global economy in general and Vietnam in particular.

Vinschool Times City High School Team

With the help of Nguyễn Hồng Kiên, Nguyễn Diệu Anh and Lại Quỳnh Mai, a team from Vinschool Times City will offer incisive commentary on the “hot” topic of the day, “The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the EU oil market.” The team from Vinschool Times City promises to provide an exciting participation based on their extensive research on the status of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its effects on the oil market in the EU.

Vinschool Times City High School Team

The team from Vinschool Harmony High School, comprised of Bùi Quang Minh, Hoàng Nhật Dương and Trần Hữu Đức, will showcase their sharp view, by building a convincing case in the Forum. They have chosen to study China’s “superpower” economy in the face of the repercussions of inflation.

Vinschool The Harmony High School Team

Nguyễn Hồng Quế Chi, Ngô Việt Bảo and Đinh Đức Minh from Vinschool Central Park High School have a comprehensive view of inflation, starting from the perspective of young people on inflation issues in life. From this perspective, an analysis of the impact of inflation, deflation, and stagflation will be clarified in this year’s “Impact of inflation on Asian countries” contest in the Final Round.

Vinschool Central Park High School Team

Bring a clear illustration of how inflation affects daily life for families using a familiar product, let’s welcome the research team from Vinschool Smart City Nguyễn Phương Anh, Phạm Ngân Hà and Phạm Thu Quyên with the the subject of “Dairy Market in the Context of Global Inflation.”

Vinschool Smart City High School Team

The programme contains a lot of unique things that will be disclosed. Let’s look forward to the skills of future “economic experts” in the 2022–2023 Economic Forum’s Final Round!

The Economic Forum is an annual academic event in the field of economics organised by the Academic Advisors Department and the AP Department of Economics for high school students. Launched in 2021, the Economic Forum is a platform for students to express their passion and interest in the economic issues that have been taking place in Vietnam and around the world. With three rounds (Idea, Preliminary and Final) the Economic Forum has attracted hundreds of candidates to register and to participate. The Forum helps Vinsers to express many ideas and perspectives of World and Local Economies, as well as apply the academic knowledge learned from AP Microeconomics & AP Macroeconomics in Vinschool’s curriculum.