Psy-Eco Talk 2024

Wednesday, 17/01/2024, 09:01 (GMT+7)

Following the resounding success of the Psychology Forum and the Economics Forum in two consecutive seasons, the academic forum led by Vinsers is making a comeback in the 2023-2024 academic year, combining the unique aspects of both Psychology and Economics.

For the first time, the interdisciplinary forum, Psy-Eco, will provide Vinsers across the entire system with an intellectual platform to explore, exchange, and refine research skills, presentations, and debates on issues in both psychology and financial economics.
With the theme “Money & Power: Which is more influential?” Psy-Eco Talk 2024 promises to deliver in-depth and multidimensional research, alongside engaging debates covering various knowledge platforms in both Psychology and Economics. This will be set against a diverse cultural, social, and political background Topics will include stock market manipulation and lessons in administrative power; virtual power; perspectives on Psychology and Economics from the Breakfast Cereal Promotion Campaign; and the intriguing question of “How much are you worth?” and more.
Attending Psy-Eco Talk 2024, parents and students following the forum will have the opportunity to:
  • Listen to the voices of Economics and Psychology together for the first time, shared on one stage with intertwined and interesting perspectives between the two knowledge platforms.
  • Follow outstanding presentations from 14 competing teams from 6 Vinschool high schools: Vinschool The Harmony, Vinschool Ocean Park, Vinschool Times City, Vinschool Star City, Vinschool Smart City, and Vinschool Central Park.
  • Listen to practical, in-depth analyses, contributions, and comments from the expert panel, consisting of leading experts, lecturers, PhDs, and masters in the fields of Psychology and Economics.
📌 Look forward to the insightful and intellectual perspectives of Vinsers on Money and Power in the Psy-Eco Talk 2024 Livestream on the Vinschool Fanpage.
⏰Time: 8:00 PM, Friday (January 19, 2024)