Provide accounts on Raz-Kids for students to study English

Thursday, 01/03/2018, 00:03 (GMT+7)

In order to help students study English better, Vinschool has purchased license of Raz-kids, an English learning program, for every student from Grade 1 to Grade 5 and provided free accounts for Vinsers in the school year 2017-2018.

Raz-kids is an online learning tool developed by Learning A-Z and now applied in many schools in the USA as well as other international schools all over the world. In Viet Nam, Raz-kids has been applied in some international schools, and Vinschool is one of first private schools to purchase the license for this program and provide free accounts for the students.

This program contains 29 levels with over 500 reference books. Raz-kids allows students to self-read and self-record at anytime, as long as they have Internet-connected devices (such as Personal computers, tablets or smartphones). This is a part of the compulsory curriculum in class, and teachers will assign tasks for students on this program.

Through reference books on Raz-kids, students will be able to develop reading skills, broaden their vocabulary and acquire new knowledge in cultural, historical and natural topics. Furthermore, Raz-kids helps students to get used to new learning habits such as reading books, self-reading and promotinglife-longlearning mindset. WithRaz-kids, student will be able to:

  • Access over 500 online referencebooks in different subjects and levels;
  • Experience listening and reading functions for each book;
  • Record their reading voices for review;
  • Practice exercises to assess their reading skills;
  • Choose favorite books;
  • Receive motivation and encouragement from teachers.

The results of implementation of Raz-kids atVinschool Central Park during the 1st Semester

According to the figure regardingactive accounts, 76% of Vinschool students have used Raz-kids, 17% of students regularly read the referencebooks (over 6 hours/month), 20% of students get toa  higher level after the 1st semester, 75% of students write reading logs with good quality.

Despite preliminary positive results during the first semester, the program has faced several difficulties in its application because students were not used to reading English books digitally. Parents still wanted their children to read printed books and did not allow them to use electronic devices at home. Through this program, Vinschool hopes that parents will understand and share our aim: we particularly care about helping students to develop their self-study skills. Being guided to use technology and electronic devices is necessary for the students, and they should not be banned from using electronic devices just for the reason of “uncontrollability”. With all the benefits thatRaz-kidsoffersthe students, Vinschool hopes that every Vinser will study English enthusiastically to improve their English skills. Parents also play animportant role tosupport students to develop their English skills. Therefore, Vinschoolis longing forparents’ role as the companionsof their childrenin studying in generaland the application of Raz-kids in particular, in order to help Vinsersachieve the best learning results.

In the 2nd Semester, Vinschool will present more rewards to encourage students topraticeEnglish reading skills and get to higher levels. For secondary students, Vinschoolis going toapply an appropriate English Reading Practice software soon (MyOn software).