Promote English communication at school with “English Day – Ngày Tiếng Anh”

Thursday, 01/03/2018, 00:03 (GMT+7)

In order to encourage students to communicate in English and practice their English skills, Vinschool Central Park has started a project called “English Day – NgàyTiếng Anh” every Friday. Onthe English Day, students will participate in various interesting activities such asguesswords, seek treasure or enjoy movies with different topics, etc., all of which are in English.

Every Friday, the schoolyard is joyfully filled with groups of students taking part in many games. They are so excited about the day: “The games on Friday are pretty tricky, but we really love them, we play and speak English the whole day, and we are very happy to have English Day every week!”

These groups often make use of breaktime or lunch time on Fridayto take part in the activities. After finishing the games, they swiftly get to the Library to submit their achievements to the librarians.Those students are very excited and jointly promise to gain at least one medal every Friday.

The English Day not only helps students to practice English skills but also improves their problem-solving skill, teamwork and creates a useful playing field, so the students will be more interested in learning English. Recently, approximately 20% of students have taken part in activities of the English Day on the regular basis. With the aim of creating various playing fields to make English truly become their second language,Vinschool will shortly organize more activities on the English Day to attract more students to join.

Besides, English teachers are also in preparation to implement other projects to promote English communication such as The Wizard of Oz Opera concert, an English Writing contest in April 2018, and a Book Review contest in May 2018, tentatively.