Prize winners of EDURUN 2022

Friday, 20/05/2022, 15:05 (GMT+7)

Officially kicked off on April 12 and wrapped up on May 8, 2022 with EDURUN DAY, EDURUN 2022 left an indelible imprint on the participants as a practical and meaningful charitable activity. Vinschool will continue looking for suitable locations to build schools and classrooms for poor children in remote areas using the proceeds from the race.

Soon after its launch, EDURUN 2022 witnessed the enthusiastic participation and support of all the teachers, staff, parents, and students at all Vinschool campuses across the country. Organized in different forms, EDURUN not only spreads the spirit of running for education and for the community but also encourages the participants to make running and exercise a habit.

  • More than 30,000 (online & offline) participants
  • Nearly VND2.2 billion (VND2,172,092,800) raised, specifically:
  • Registration for 84RACE accounts (4,432 people): VND221,600,000
  • Total distance run online (117,979 km; 1km = VND2,000): VND235,958,000
  • Total donation (via bank transfer and in cash) and revenue from EDURUN T-shirt sales: VND1,714,534,800


  1. “Enduring warrior” category for individual runners: for individuals with the longest distance run on the online platform throughout the race (from April 12 to May 8).

The prize winners need to meet the conditions, terms and rules of the race, and have their heart rate or footsteps counted (for cheating prevention). The Organizing Board has manually checked the highest-ranking performance (e.g. by checking the heart rate/footstep graph against the distance run and speed) to detect anomalies and ensure those who are awarded the prizes totally deserve them.

  1. Categories for teams

“Benevolence” category: 03 teams with the largest contribution to the EDURUN 2022 fund (through the EDURUN T-shirt sales, donation and online account registration): 

“Benevolence” category: 03 teams with the largest contribution to the EDURUN 2022 fund (through the EDURUN T-shirt sales, donation and online account registration), with the number of enrolled students taken into account:

Allocation of “Benevolence” prizes:

Results of the competitions held on the sidelines of EDURUN 2022 have been announced on Vinschool’s official Facebook page.

(*) For winners, please send your full name, phone number, address and ID card number to the Organizing Board via the email address: [email protected] no later than 05 days after the announcement of the results. We will contact you within 01 week after receiving your information to inform you of how and when to receive the prizes.

Congratulations to all the individual runners and teams on winning the prizes of EDURUN 2022! Thank you parents, teachers, staff, and students for participating in and accompanying EDURUN 2022!