Ph.D., Associate Professor in High Ability Studies, Owen Lo shares his views on Gifted Education at Vinschool

Saturday, 15/09/2018, 14:09 (GMT+7)

In August 2018, Vinschool was honored to welcome Ph.D., Associate Professor Owen Lo who specialized in High Ability Studies from the University of British Colombia, Canada. The Professor shared his views on Gifted Education with Vinschool teachers and experts.

“Thanks to the Gifted Education program, talented students in Vinschool and in Viet Nam will have opportunities to maximize their potentials and gain outstanding achievements.” – Ph.D., Associate Professor Owen Lo.

The definition, perception, and assessment of gifted students have significantly changed over the years. However, currently, the majority of researchers in Gifted Education agree that the assessments and conclusions on whether a student is gifted or not depend on many factors, not simply IQ or academic results. The Professor also stressed that while some may be born with talent, it needs to be cultivated and developed to truly become a gift that can positively impact the community.

The discussion focused on several methods to structure a classroom to assist the special needs of gifted students academically and socio-emotionally. With extensive research and a well of experience in this area, the Professor presented concrete proof of gifted students achieving incredible, unexpected results under the right development conditions.

Associate Prof. Ph.D. Owen Lo pointed out examples of gifted education at a number of notable schools and universities around the world during his talk on Gifted Education.

In his remarks, he emphasized his concurrence, and support on the GATE Center’s orientations – Vinschool’s Gifted and Talented Education Center – to nurture gifted students to become pioneer and leaders with the ability to create value, positive social impacts. He also believes: “Gifted education programs can create a spill-over effect, encouraging general education to move toward higher standards.”

The GATE Center is currently continuing its assessment work on students and working with experts and partners to develop individually-tailored education programs, building an ideal environment for gifted students in different areas to maximize their talents.

Dr. Owen Lo joined the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, & Special Education in 2014 as an Assistant Professor in High Ability Studies. Dr. Lo received his PhD in High Ability Studies at UBC and completed his MA (Gifted Education) and BA (Special Education).