New Zealand’s Prime Minister visited Vinschool

Saturday, 05/11/2016, 18:11 (GMT+7)

– “Do you often play with your children?”  – “I have three children and they are all grown up now, so we don’t go out with each other too often, but we talk very often.”

This was a joyful dialogue in English between a fifth-grader and the Prime Minister of New Zealand when he visited Vinschool’s Primary, Secondary and High Schools on the morning of November 16th 2015.


The delegates were deeply impressed by the students’ confidence and activeness. The students confidently sang a New Zealand Maori’s song for the delegates, gave them their own handmade postcards, introduced the school to the delegate, and asked them interesting and intelligent questions, amongst other memorable highlights.


During his official visit to Vietnam, the Prime Minister of New Zealand visited and worked with Vingroup. After a meeting at the group’s headquarters, Prime Minister John Key proceeded to visit Vinschool’s Education System and the Vinmart Supermarket System.


At a Vinschool Primary School, Prime Minister John Key stated that Vinschool’s educational goals are very similar to those of New Zealand’s educational goals, which include building students’ life skills, helping them become more confident and sociable in an international environment. This visit marked the agreement of Vietnam and New Zealand in implementing ‘The strategic plan on education cooperation’ of which the focus was to enhance the cooperation between the educational institutions of the two countries and create favorable conditions for Vietnamese students to take part in high-quality education programs in New Zealand. Vingroup was the only private economic group that Prime Minister John Key worked with during his visit to Vietnam.


Students’ parents can watch the video clips of New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s visit on the Website/ Youtube channel/ Fanpage of Vinschool Education System.