Mexican Education Delegation: “What you have done here is amazing!”

Wednesday, 28/02/2018, 01:02 (GMT+7)

That is the sharing of Ms. Zulema Fernandez, Vice president of IDEA – International Development Accelerator when she leads the Mexico education delegation in an exchange and work program with Vinschool Central Parkat the end of November, 2017.

The delegation gathersthe directors, experts from many universities and high schools (both public and private schools) and education officials from Durango State, Mexico.


After the introduction of Vinschool’sManagement Board, two Vinschool students gave the delegation a quick tour around the school. Confidently and actively, the two “tour guides” helped the delegation explore the classrooms as well as different functional areas.


The delegation also joined a sharing event with Vinschool students at the library. This interesting experience gave the delegation a lot of interesting knowledge from the view point of Vinsers, hence, the students could proudly present about themselves and their school.

The visit of Mexico delegation was a part of the activityserieson researching the Asia education system of IDEA – International Development Accelerator. Ms. Zulema Fernandez, Vice president of IDEA gave many words of praise for Vinschool. “The Vinschool Central Park was established for just nearly one year; however, what you have done here is amazing! This is the education model that we need to take into consideration, and we hope to have more valuable education cooperation in the future with Vinschool!” said Ms. Zulema Fernandez.