Israeli Deputy Ambassador: “Reading is not only a habit but also a good quality.”

Sunday, 11/02/2018, 17:02 (GMT+7)

This was shared by Mr Doron Lebovich – Israeli Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam at the Seminar entitled “Jewish experience in raising love of reading for children” as a part of a series of activities of the Vinschool Book Fair 2017 organized by the Vinschool Education System last weekend.

At the Vinschool Book Fair 2017, the Deputy Ambassador was impressed by the exciting movement of reading culture development currently taking place at Vinschool. The Deputy Ambassador highly appreciated Vinschool for organizing a large-scale book fair for parents and students with a variety of meaningful activities such as Reading Journal making, book review, book cover drawing, Audio Book Project, etc.


Visiting a country with two highest book indexes in the world, which is the highest number of books published per capita and the highest number of young readers, Israeli Deputy Ambassador provided a lot of helpful information for parents to develop a reading culture for their children at home.


The Vinschool Book Fair 2017 is an annual event of the Vinschool Education System. This is a highlight of a series of activities on the Reading Culture development of Vinschool students, which is built and developed throughout the academic year.


Parents and students attending the program were accessible to more than 15,000 quality books of all genres ranging from Vietnamese books to foreign books. In addition, the program offered a variety of activities, a playground for students as well as useful workshops for parents.


There was an exhibition of creative and impressive book covers made by students. By making covers of books and stories that they love, illustrating a story or depicting a character in a particular book, students had a chance to express their thoughts and desires in this playground. Each cover was their own feelings and thoughts about the book they love.


The creativity of students was clearly marked on the display of Reading Journal. In order to show their special emotion to every page they love, students themselves have made their Reading Journal in Vietnamese and English under unique forms from handmade notebooks, mind maps, paintings, character drawings, comic books to commentaries which expressed a lot of new ideas.


During the academic year, the Project “Audio Book” with more than 100 stories in both Vietnamese and English recorded by students themselves was also implemented. These books were donated by Vinschool to Vietnam & Friends for visually impaired children.


Vinschool students were also proactively involved in donating books to the project of “Loving Book Cabinet”, selling old books to raise money in order to build schools for underprivileged children. These activities taught the students the meaning of having responsibility for the community – one of the values emphasized by the school in its educational programs.


This year’s Book Fair continued to be a place for students to perform their artistic talents through Book Rhythm Competition. Hundreds of characters stepped out of the book and appeared alive in the vibrant performance of “Book Rrythm” of students. These activities made books more intimate with students.


Exciting and meaningful activities at the Vinschool Book Fair 2017 attracted thousands of families whose children range the age from kindergarten to high school. The Vinschool Book Fair truly became a place for parents and students to develop a reading culture and express their love for books.