How to achieve psychological well-being?

Sunday, 12/02/2023, 03:02 (GMT+7)

The second semester workshop series officially began on February 15, 2023, following the success of 12 workshop series in the previous semester.

In the second semester of the #BeWell initiative, Vinsers will lead a workshop series on school psychology with the assistance of the School Psychology Department, the Student Affairs Department, and the School Student Council. The Vinsers themselves will search for and explore the solutions in this setting.

 The second semester workshop series, which officially began on February 15, 2023, promised to delve deeper into Vinser’s multifaceted viewpoints on school psychological health following the success of 12 workshop series in the first semester.


  •     Take the initiative and openly share your experiences: Vinsers are ultimately and firstly accountable for their own mental health. Vinsers exhibit responsibility for their own mental health as well as for the community’s and their friends’ mental health.
  •     Access to a broad range of mental health subjects: 14 different workshop topics revolve around four basic aspects of mental health. Vinsers will be directed and encouraged to take advantage of their own and their friends’ multifaceted perspectives.
  •     Actively select a variety of topics each week that are appropriate for you: Vinsers, who take the lead, not only actively fosters diversity in the debate but also actively seeks out alternate viewpoints and take care of their own mental health.
  • Vinsers will take full advantage of the chance and be able to share to generate positive psychological health values in learning and life when the sharing format is no longer a barrier.

The first two workshops in the BeWell workshop series of the second semester took place from February 15 to February 17, 2023. Due to Vinser’s in-depth reflection and insightful personal experience on school psychology difficulties, these workshops were a success and grabbed the attention of many Vinsers.

In the workshop “Newly Developed,” the Vinsers from VSC Ocean Park have created an incredibly “nutritious” spiritual dish for students to participate in while giving the fundamentals of healthy eating with an easy-to-remember formula: point 10 is depicted as a bowl of rice and a chopstick, symbolising starch; point 9 is a variety of broccoli, symbolising vegetables and vitamins; point 8 is an image of two eggs placed next to each other, symbolising protein. Through engaging and interactive games, participants also learned comprehensive facts on nutrition science at the workshop.

“The knowledge of nutrition science and the engaging way the game was organised, is what I admire the most about this class. It turns out that making good food choices for ourselves is not all that tough; all we need to do is pay attention and gain a little knowledge in order to have a body that is healthy and full of energy. The dietary strategy of the two female presenters really impresses me” – Vinser Trần Hoàng Gia Bảo shared.

The “It’s OK to Not To Be OK” workshop was the first time #BeWell reached out to students in elementary schools. When they initially discovered ways to “normalise” bad emotions and discover joy in life, they had fresh experiences. Vinser Trần Minh Anh encouraged sharing among elementary school children through connecting and good leadership skills. Minh Anh has devotedly guided and responded to all queries, even the smallest ones, regarding the emotional challenges in learning and life that they encounter. She does this using the experience and information she has gained.

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to help fourth graders investigate mental health concerns in the classroom. I felt it to be very meaningful for primary school students who participate in this exercise, as I taught them how to instantly use the Sources of Joy to the adjustment of their challenging emotions. I’m hoping BeWell’s presence will motivate them to take charge of their own hapiness in school.”– Vinser Trần Minh Anh confided.

Up until the end of April 2023, Semester II workshops will continue to be held. Join us to listen, share your own stories about receiving mental health care, and help build the school of happiness!

Please register HERE if you would want to attend a workshop as a student, teacher, or parent.