“HIPPOCAMPUS” – An Exhibition Of Young Talents Nurtured By Vinschool

Saturday, 15/05/2021, 11:05 (GMT+7)

Hanoi, April 10, 2021 - The opening ceremony of the exhibition “Hippocampus” took place on this day in Hanoi. Here, students from the Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center showcased over 50 unique paintings that represented the free spirits and bold colors of the youth. All revenues generated from this exhibition will go toward different charity activities in the community.


Scientifically speaking, “Hippocampus” is a major brain structure that assists memory retention. With the exhibition named after this component, the young artists used their memories as references to bring to life different objects, colors, spaces, and shapes.  Therefore, the artworks presented there were diverse and not confined to a certain theme or space.

“The ‘Hippocampus’ exhibition was viewed as a collection of the artists’ moments and memories, whether they were energetic, colorful, soothing, or poetic. It also marked an important milestone for the students on the journey of pursuing their passion as well as further developing their talents by bringing their works closer to the public,” said Mrs. Trinh Khanh Huyen, representative of the GATE Center.


After nearly two years of preparation, the students had an opportunity to not only demonstrate their talents but also examine closely the meaning of art production as well as their own creativity. Throughout the preparation process, the students received personalized learning plans and guidance from devoted experts of the GATE Center. Although still very young, the 8 artists from grades 9-12 at Vinschool were willing to experiment with different painting materials, such as oil, silk, lacquer and even graphic printing, some of which are very difficult to work with and involve many stages in the production process. 

“I firmly believe the exhibition visitors were impressed with the quality of artworks produced by such young artists. I can see that in order to have a professional exhibition of this scope and quality, the students must have put a lot of effort and dedication into it. These students are truly a breath of fresh air which brings new perspectives to the Vietnamese Fine Arts, and that is worth cherishing,” said artist Dang Viet Linh, member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association and producer of various artworks that have been displayed at many national and international exhibitions.


“At the GATE Center, I was under the guidance of different experts and experienced artists while following my individualized plans that were catered to my own artistic orientation and style. The GATE Center also gave me the opportunity to try out many unique materials. Moreover, all of the teachers always showed great support for our learning, from artistic perception and art production, to the most effective use of each material,” shared Nguyen Nhat Mai, one of the artists.


Vinschool Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center

In recognition of the unique learning needs of high-ability students, Vinschool Education System addresses this demand by founding the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center. The GATE Center’s chief function is to provide a personalized education that appropriately challenges and nurtures each gifted students’ strengths and interests, unlocking their potential to become future pioneers and leaders of their own particular areas of talent.

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