Helping Vinsers become Global Citizens through Culminating Projects

Friday, 09/11/2018, 16:11 (GMT+7)

Starting from the 2018 – 2019 academic year, Vinschool officially integrate the Culminating Projects subject in the official curriculum for students. The aim of the subject is to equip students with the way of thinking and attitude of a global citizen, while encouraging students’ critical thinking and inquiry-based learning skills.

As globalization and integration continue to develop, students’ life will not be limited within the boundaries of a single country. They will have to work, study, live and compete with students and citizens of many other countries from all over the world. Therefore, one of Vinschool’s missions is to train generations of global citizens. Aside from being proficient in English, information technology, understanding of other countries’ culture, students also need to have a global mindset, have the ability to be deeply aware of the complexities of the age of globalization. To reach this goal, Vinschool has worked with world’s leading secondary education experts to develop a subject known as Culminating Projects.

Culminating Projects subject helps develop students’ proactiveness in learning, by honing students’ inquiry-based learning and critical thinking skills. Students will be familiar with important global issues through active learning methodologies. As part of the subject, students will learn about 7 global concepts, from which they will each elect to pursue a personal project through their own research to resolve a global issue or to answer a question that they are interested in. The 7 global concepts include: Global citizenship, sustainability, decision-making, leadership, innovation, connections, and collaboration. For each grade, students will become familiar with each topic through different approaches that are suitable to their age group.

Students will learn about global concepts mainly through inquiry-based learning. With this approach, students learn mainly by asking questions about issues that they are interested in. Teachers play the role of a guide, posing leading questions to encourage students on the path of self-discovery. The attraction of this approach for students is the personal experience that they gain while discovering new knowledge. At the end of each lesson, students will note down their thoughts and save them in a Learning Journey Journal. This will also help train students’ independent learning skills and encourage them to take more personal responsibility for their studies.

Let’s “step” into an interesting Culminating Projects class with Vinsers and hear experts, teachers, parents and students share their real-life stories.