Heart-warming stories written by Vinsers amid COVID-19 outbreak

Tuesday, 05/05/2020, 15:05 (GMT+7)

36 million VND in cash raised and for the frontliners, 800 face shields, 220 hazmat suits along with personal protective equipment (PPE), 30kg of rice for dialysis patients, and more. Those impressive figures come from the following 4 inspiring stories written by Vinsers amid the fight against COVID-19.

Frontline health workers showing their appreciation to Vinsers for their handmade items


The first story was written by 3 Vinsers from Vinschool Times City, namely Tran Phuong Linh (Class 6A6), Tran Phuong Uyen (Class 4B13), and Tran Hoang Bach (Class 2B07). Over the last 15 days of social distancing, they have spent their time and “lucky money” received during Lunar New Year on making 800 DIY mica face shields for the frontliners in 6 hospitals and health facilities, along with vendors and drivers in Hanoi.

The 3 Vinsers also bought 30kg of rice with their own pocket money for dialysis patients in Dong Tam ward (Hanoi), presented 20 gifts to homeless people, and made Vietnamese flag cakes for frontline health workers. Such great acts of kindness will spread further as these young children are working on the “fish bones”, which function as “fake ears”, to ease the discomfort of wearing face masks for the frontliners.

Vinsers’ homemade cakes and handwritten letters to frontliners

The second story, written by students of Class 4C1 – Vinschool Times City Primary school, carries the message of sympathy “Hand in hand, for the safety of COVID-19 frontliners”. In the hope of protecting frontline health workers from germs, Class 4C1 donated 220 hazmat suits and 20 boxes of medical gloves to Duc Giang General Hospital, Tu Hiep quarantine zone, and Hoan Kiem Health Center, Hanoi.

Health facilities receiving hazmat suits and PPE from Class 4C1, Vinschool Times City Primary school


In recent times, the Student Council of Vinschool Times City Secondary & High school and Class 7A2 of Vinschool The Harmony Secondary school have actively raised funds for the COVID-19 frontliners. With the spirit “Where there are difficult circumstances, there are Vinsers”, 36,000,000 VND in cash has been collected.

Via the project run by the Student Council called “Fight COVID – Back to school”, as much as 11,000,000 VND was raised within 2 weeks (from March 31 to April 14) thanks to the donation of Vinschool students, parents and teachers. The entire amount of money was spent on helful gifts, including 2,500 face masks and 140 hand sanitizer products, for the health workers of the National Lung Hospital. In addition, this project created large spillover effects among the Vinsers community with roughly a hundred inspiring stories with hashtag #vinserschongcovid19 being circulated on the social network.

 “Fight COVID – Back to school” project

Furthermore, the People’s Army Newspaper received a cash donation of 25,000,000 VND from the students and homeroom teacher of Class 7A2, Vinschool The Harmony Secondary school, within the framework of the project “People and Army look in the same direction”. Notably, it was the pocket money and “lucky money” of these Vinsers. The students were very enthusiastic about discussing their donation plan after every online class during their time off from school. Indeed, the donation means a lot more than it is worth as it reflects the young children’s awareness of their social responsibility.

Representatives of People’s Army Newspaper receiving VND25 million from Class 7A2, Vinschool The Harmony

(Photo: People’s Army Newspaper)

Those humanitarian projects couldn’t be made possible without the support of Vinschool teachers and parents. “We hope our children understand that many people out there are working day and night to curb the pandemic while they are enjoying the privilege of staying home. The image of soldiers holding out their hands to the people in need means a lot to them”, shared Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Mai on behalf of parents of Class 7A2.

Besides offering what the frontliners need to help them stay focused on their work, those practical and meaningful gifts carry the sincere thanks of Vinsers for such people for making their back-to-school dream come true!