Green Instant Noodles Club won Second Prize in “Initiatives for the community” Competition

Tuesday, 06/12/2022, 16:12 (GMT+7)

Surpassing nearly 400 project submissions, the Green Instant Noodles Club from Vinschool Times City won Second Prize (prize B) in the "Initiatives for the Community" competition. The Final Ceremony was held last November at the Hanoi Opera House where they were honoured to be recognised for their initiative.

The competition is jointly organised by the Communist Review Editorial Board, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the General Confederation of Labour of Vietnam, the City Party Committee – People’s Council of Hanoi, and the Vietnam Electricity Group. Competitors were tasked with finding innovative initiatives and ideas that contribute to solving problems in many fields such as economy, education, science, and to promote and preserve traditional culture. At the Final Ceremony, 22 initiatives were presented and awarded. In total there were twenty-two awards- 2 As, 4 Bs, 6 Cs, and 10 Consolation prizes.

The Minister of Science and Technology Huỳnh Thành Đạt and Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review Đoàn Minh Huấn awarded B prizes to award-winning teams and individuals.

For three years, the Green Instant Noodles Club, led by Ms. Vũ Thị Thảo and with the participation of 40 Vinsers from Vinschool Times City, has implemented numerous projects to recycle instant noodles wraps into materials to create products with a variety of designs and uses such as household appliances, ornaments, fashion accessories- combining modern design technology with traditional craft methods from Vietnamese bamboo villages.

Ms. Vũ Thị Thảo representing the Green Instant Noodles Club to receive the B prize at the ceremony

Previously, in October 2022, the Green Instant Noodles Club also won first prize in the Circular Living Design Challenge co-organised by the United Nations, UNESCO, UNIDO and UN-Habitat, and were honoured to be invited to the Bali Fab Fest, in Indonesia, to introduce and present their project to international friends.

Projects led by the Green Instant Noodles Club contribute to protecting the environment, helping to preserve and promote the traditional values of Vietnamese bamboo and rattan craft villages, creating jobs for deaf children, contributing to national funds, supporting disadvantaged individuals, and spreading the message of circular lifestyle and sustainable development in the community.

Ms. Vũ Thị Thảo và members of the Green Instant Noodles Club