Get ready for EDURUN 2022

Wednesday, 23/03/2022, 14:03 (GMT+7)

Following the success of the previous series of events, in the spirit of running for health, education and community, EDURUN 2022 - RACE FOR KINDNESS is expected to be held from April 12, 2022 to May 8, 2022. Runners can participate in running both offline and online, having the support of the online platform to actively choose the best location and time for them. This form encourages people to be able to run everywhere, at all times, overcoming their own barriers and aiming at a healthy life not only physically but mentally and socially as well.



1. Online: Participants will create a personal running account on the microsite of EDURUN 2022 on the online platform 84race (the microsite will officially open on 04/4/2022 for runners to register).

2. Offline: Each Vinschool campus will have a plan to deploy students, staff, and teachers to participate in EDURUN 2022.

OC will launch many accompanying events with attractive rewards for runners (detailed information will be updated in the near future).



1. Register run account:

  • Parents can create a personal run account on the microsite of the  EDURUN 2022 online platform  84race (the microsite will be opened on 04/4/2022 for runners to register)
  • Account registration fee: 50,000 VND/ account.
  • The full amount of the runners’ registration fees will be donated to the EDURUN 2022 charity fund.

2. Buying EDURUN 2022 T-shirts: In order to spread the positive spirit of EDURUN 2022, the Organizing Committee hopes that each parent and student will become an ambassador for the cause by buying and wearing the T-shirts of the program.

  • Parents and students are kindly requested to sign up with the Homeroom Teacher to purchase shirts.
  • Registration deadline: From 21/3/3022 to 27/3/2022.
  • Price: 150,000 VND/shirt.
  • Each EDURUN shirt sold will contribute 50,000 VND to the EDURUN 2022 running fund.

3. The more runs, the bigger the donation amount: Each 1km run of the participants will be converted into VND 2,000 by the Organizing Committee (from the budget of Vinschool), contributing to the EDURUN 2022 fund.

4. Online Donation: Participants can contribute to EDURUN 2022’s charity fund with a discretionary contribution:

  • Account number: 12310001063597
  • Account name: Công ty TNHH MTV Vinschool
  • Bank: BIDV, Quang Trung branch
  • Transfer content: (Full name) _ (Quyen gop EDURUN 2022)

5. Direct support: Parents can support EDURUN 2022’s funds directly at the offline running events of the school facilities.


EDURUN 2015: 7,000 participants, 1.2 billion VND donated. Construction of 5 classrooms for students of Chieng So Secondary School, Song Ma District, Son La Province.

EDURUN 2016: 10,000 participants, 2 billion VND donated (out of which 1 billion VND was funded by Vingroup). Construction of 10 classrooms at 3 locations of Ba Day, Tram, and Ro Ró schools in Dakrong and Quang Tri districts.

EDURUN 2018: Over 21,000 participants, raising 3.7 billion VND. Construction of Muong Dun Kindergarten and 2 classrooms for Sín Chai Primary School, Tu Chua District, Dien Bien Province.

EDURUN 2020: 30,000 participants, fundraising 1.1 billion. Construction of K-ooc Kindergarten, Quang Binh province, and installation of a  stainless-steel clean water tank with a capacity of 100m3 for Tan Trach Primary & Secondary Ethnic Minority School, Quang Binh province.

EDURUN 2021: 30,000 participants, 2.2 billion VND donated. Currently, Vinschool is looking for an area in need of support in order to continue building spacious schools with long-term use for children in poverty.

The Organizing Committee of EDURUN 2022 is looking forward to the participation and enthusiastic responses of parents. Let’s join hands and join forces to become the Ambassadors of the program, and contribute to spreading the spirit for health, education and community!