Free english classes created by a female kiến tạo scholarship recipient

Wednesday, 24/08/2022, 15:08 (GMT+7)

As one of 68 outstanding students who received Vinschool's Kien Tao scholarship in the programmes first year, Nguyen Phuong Thao, a disadvantaged student from Đan Phuong High School, Hanoi, has cherished the dream of opening a free English class for students in her area.

In the previous academic year, in addition to learning activities, Thao boldly “led in the classroom” by teaching English to students in her hometown using a programme compiled by herself.

Sharing about this free English class project, Thao said: “Students in my hometown do not have many opportunities to have exposure to English, nor to attend extra classes. So I think that if I can convey to them what I have learned from teachers and friends will help the kids in the neighbourhood to absorb knowledge of English language as quickly as possible”.

In Thao’s class, the students are trained in listening skills by learning and playing to improve their English language proficiency and increase confidence when communicating with foreigners. During the teaching process, Thao applied the skills learned at Vinschool, to search for materials and build her own teaching plan. Her lesson plan does not follow a textbook programme, rather each session will have a theme close to everyday life. In every lesson, Thao always gives her students a comfortable, fun, energetic learning space in the same way that the Kien Tao Scholarship teachers have done. Through these lessons, she has been able to showcase her proactive mindset, presentation and time management skills.

“The Kien Tao scholarship has helped me make a spectacular change in my mindset and actions, become more assertive, and dare to express my views and thoughts. In the past, I never thought I could confidently give a presentation in front of many people, yet now I can stand in class teaching to many students ”, Thao said.

Despite teaching for the first time, Thao’s way of communicating has received many positive feedbacks from the students. In the early days, some students who could not even pronounce simple words are now able to communicate in short conversations, and their vocabulary also increased.

Sharing about the success of the class, Thao said: “In my class, they are trained in standard pronunciation and how to have confidence, dare to be wrong, dare to correct, learn and apply in practice. I think these are invaluable lessons, which are a stepping stone on the students’ long journey of learning foreign languages”.

Speaking of her future dreams, Thao reveals that she will pursue an Economics major and work in Business. At the same time, the skills and lessons from Vinschool will be the foundation for Thao to become a positive, civilised and proactive person in all situations to create her future with confidence.