Foster your child’s thinking with Cambridge Mathematics program

Tuesday, 03/01/2023, 08:01 (GMT+7)

In December 2022 and January 2023, Vinschool organises a series of seminars: "Accompany your child in the Cambridge Mathematics program" to inform parents and students of the benefits of the Cambridge Math program as well as ways parents can support their children’s learning.

Attending the seminar on December 28 and 29 in Hanoi, representatives of the Board of Directors and School Boards shared with parents and students about the outcome-based curriculum at Vinschool, as well as the development of skills in thinking and working mathematically for Primary and Secondary school students through the Cambridge Math program. At the seminar, Professor Pham The Long – Vice President of the Vietnam Mathematical Society and member of the Cambridge Math program advisory board at Vinschool – offered useful information about the Ministry of Education and Training’s program standards, and the outstanding advantages and practicality of the Cambridge Math program.

Vinschool is currently the only education system that teaches Cambridge Math in Vietnamese for students from Grade 1. In Vietnam, Vinschool also pioneers in implementing outcome-based education, an approach that most advanced educational institutions around the world have adopted. Outcome-based education means instead of relying solely on theoretical knowledge and textbooks, all educational components such as program design and teaching and assessment activities are based on set outcomes or competencies determined for each student’s age and educational level.

According to Professor Pham The Long, as the Cambridge Math program at Vinschool focuses on developing thinking skills, students have a special advantage when participating in aptitude assessment tests conducted by universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi National University of Education, or by international measures such as the SAT and AP. Hence, Vinschool students are well-prepared for a variety of educational pathways such as attending national universities in Vietnam, studying abroad, or transferring from Vinschool’s Cambridge Math program to the Ministry of Education and Training’s standard program at public schools.

Also at the seminar, representatives of Vinschool School Boards shared with parents a number of ways to support their children’s learning such as collaborating with teachers and the school to effectively utilise learning resources; asking questions to stimulate students’ mathematical thinking ability instead of focusing solely on final results; creating opportunities for students to apply mathematics knowledge to daily life; and encouraging students to play age-appropriate math games or participate in math-related projects and competitions.

After the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung, a parent of Grade 5 and Grade 8 students shared: “As a parent of two children studying at Vinschool, I can see the outstanding benefits that the Cambridge Math program offers to students, especially in terms of developing thinking skills and encouraging active learning habits. My children learn quite well and can keep up with the school’s curriculum. I believe as long as they consistently follow the program all the way to high school, they can adjust well to any curriculum at higher education levels.”

Information on the upcoming seminars:

  • 3:30PM – 5PM, January 11, 2023 at Vinschool Grand Park, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
  • 3:30PM – 5PM, January 12, 2023 at Vinschool Central Park, Ho Chi Minh City