Exploring Vinsers’ learning projects on Covid-19 as part of their GCED subject at school

Wednesday, 08/07/2020, 12:07 (GMT+7)

Despite many challenges of studying from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vinsers from Vinschool Imperia Secondary school and Vinschool Thang Long Primary & Secondary school were actively engaged in their Global Citizenship Education (GCED) projects in the hope of creating positive impacts on the community.


Driven by a shared desire to help fend off the pandemic, Vinsers from Vinschool Thang Long Primary & Secondary school created a website for their GCED subject to introduce the meaningful projects they worked on together and spread useful information about COVID-19. On this website, information is grouped into different categories such as “News – COVID-19 updates in Vietnam and in the world”, “The COVID-19 Handbook – Prevention and control measures”, “GCED Reports”, etc.

GCED Thang Long website developed by Vinsers from Vinschool Thang Long Primary & Secondary school

Particularly, under the category “Positive me”, Vinsers unfolded stories about how optimistic they were when studying from home and suggested some inspirational activities. Many Vinsers shared pictures of them planting trees, cooking, playing sports or introducing their creative ideas such as starting a family band, recycling straws into plastic flowers, etc. The junior Vinsers even asked their parents to join them in videotaping their presentations or choreographing Corona dances.

Vinsers told their teachers and friends how to stay positive amid the pandemic.

To implement GCED projects, Vinsers proficiently applied various skills, including animation design, poster and infographic design with graphic design apps, skills required for conducting community surveys, etc.

The GCED Thang Long website promises to be a great reference for Vinsers who embark on GCED projects in the coming school year.


“When and how will the COVID-19 pandemic end?” is currently one of the most-asked questions worldwide.

To figure out the answer to the above question and explore related topics, Vinsers from Vinschool Imperia Secondary school (Hai Phong city) launched their GCED projects on COVID-19 insights in Vietnam and in the world.

During their time off from school, Vinsers developed ideas for their projects using 5 lenses, namely global thinking, systems thinking, critical thinking, innovation, and cooperation. From such ideas, they had group discussions to assess the effectiveness and practicality of their projects before developing an action plan. As Vinsers returned to school this May, they continued working on their projects and presented a group report before the whole class.

Vinsers were all very excited to present their group work in class.

Multi-dimensional perspectives on various topics were shared, for example, “Inequality and education in times of COVID-19”, “The pros and cons of economic shutdown for social distancing”, “COVID-19 and its consequences” and so on. What’s noteworthy is that Vinsers’ projects were not only content-rich but also very lively with visuals such as slides, posters, infographics, videos and hand-drawn pictures.

Some colorful GCED projects by Vinsers from Vinschool Imperia Secondary school (Hai Phong city) with meaningful messages related to COVID-19

“Through GCED, we are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude required of global citizens in the new era. I am personally highly interested in this project on COVID-19. The pandemic has affected our learning to some extent, yet it gave us an opportunity to promote our creativity and generate certain values for the community”, shared a grade 8 Vinser.