EDURUN provides underprivileged children in Quang Binh with educational opportunities

Saturday, 03/12/2022, 14:12 (GMT+7)

With its opening in November 2022, K-ooc Kindergarten in Minh Hoa Commune, Trong Hoa District, Quang Binh Province, has officially come into operation after nearly 20 months of construction.

The school was built from a budget of 1.1 billion VND from the proceeds of EDURUN 2020 (a charitable run organized by Vinschool Education System) with three classrooms, an administration office, a kitchen, and multiple restrooms. The school also features various facilities and school supplies for local preschool students. This is the seventh school built from the EDURUN fund initiated by Vinschool parents.

Inauguration Ceremony of K-ooc Kindergarten built from the EDURUN budget

“We hope that with the inauguration of K-Ooc Kindergarten, more generations of students in Trong Hoa will be taken care of and have the opportunity to study in a safe and high-quality environment,” said Ms. Pham Thu Hang, representative of Vinschool Education System’s Board of Directors, at the ceremony. “This will be the first step for us to create a better future for our children,” she added.

“This is one of the schools facing extreme challenges in Trong Hoa District. Many charity groups have come to conduct surveys, but left and never returned. Meanwhile with the EDURUN fund, Vinschool Education System has kept its promises and invested in the school, starting from the neediest places,” shared Ms. Dinh Thi Bui Chung, Principal of K-Ooc Kindergarten. “During the construction process, the Vinschool delegation encountered many obstacles. For example, transporting construction materials was made difficult by the rugged road conditions, which had to be repaired twice. Local people, parents, the youth union, the local militia and border guards were called upon for support. Despite such difficulties, Vinschool was highly determined and committed to pursuing the project through its completion,” Ms. Chung revealed.

New kitchen at K-ooc Kindergarten

Also with the budget from the EDURUN 2020, Vinschool has completed the installation of a stainless steel clean water tank with a capacity of 100 cubic meters for the Tan Trach Primary & Secondary Semi-Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities in Tan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province.  The school is located in a limestone area, making the water here heavily contaminated with alum and almost undrinkable. With the newly installed water tank, the students and teachers at the school will be able to access a safer and more abundant source of water instead of reserving rain water from the roofs using containers as before.

Vinschool Education System would like to extend its sincere thanks to the sponsors and tens of thousands of Vinschool parents, students and teachers who participated in EDURUN, contributing to nurturing the educational dreams of underprivileged children in Quang Binh Province.