Congratulations to Vinschool students for winning first prize in the Young Leader essay writing contest

Wednesday, 21/06/2017, 07:06 (GMT+7)

By winning the First Prize of the ‘Young Leader’ essay contest, Nguyen Nha Uyen, a student of Class 11A6 of Vinschool, has won a full scholarship to take part in the Young Leader Summer Camp for 2 weeks at Trinity College, the University of Melbourne, Australia. She will attend this summer camp with friends from more than 20 countries all over the world.  


Nguyen Nha Uyen and Mr. Ben Waymire, representative of the contest’s judges.

This is the first time the Young Leader Essay Writing Contest has been organized at Vinschool. This contest is co-organized by IDP and the University of Melbourne, Australia. It attracted more than 600 candidates from all over Vietnam and Nguyen Nha Uyen, the monitor of Class 11A6 of Vinschool won First prize in this competition.


In the 21st century, education is an important factor that impulses the development of a country – this was the topic of this year’s essay writing contest, stated Mr. Ben Wayne, the representative of the Judges.

‘Uyen’s essay not only shows her excellent English skills but also proves that she has her own creative writing process.


Thanks to the teachers’ encouragement and support, Vinschool’s students have favourable conditions to approach and take part in many international activities and competitions, to enhance their competitive edge in different environments. Meeting all the teachers’ expectations, in the first semester of the school year 2015-2016, Vinschool’s students continuously have good achievements, for example, they made it into the top 10 list of the U.S. Embassy’s Eloquence Contest, and 5 science projects of Vinschool’s students made it into the City Round of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). Although these are only their initial achievements, Vinsers have created an image of active, creative and confident students with encouraging achievements. These achievements will be the highlights in their profiles, and will help enhance their competitive edge compared to international friends, in the future.

The contest was organized at Vinschool by the Study Abroad and Vocation Consultancy, under the coordination of Ms. Tran Mai Hong, Head of the Study Abroad and Vocation Consultancy.