Congratulations to Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School (Hai Phong City) on officially becoming a member of CIS

Tuesday, 30/11/2021, 17:11 (GMT+7)

After nearly one year of tireless effort and continuing self-improvement, Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High school has become the seventh school within the Vinschool Education System to achieve official membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS), following in the footsteps of Times City, Harmony, Central Park, Green Bay, Thang Long, and Gardenia.

In receiving the award of CIS membership, Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High school has clearly demonstrated a commitment to high quality education and the welfare and safety of its students by aligning with 25 core membership standards across the eight domains of the CIS International Accreditation Framework. As part of their journey:

  • The school has developed their own guiding statements and definitions of high-quality learning and global citizenship after collecting feedback from representatives of all stakeholder groups. These statements will help to both guide and inspire the future progress of the school.
  • Teachers and students have joined together to promote and develop their awareness of global citizenship and intercultural learning.
  • The school has worked hard to create a happy and safe learning environment, supported by effective policies and procedures to ensure student well-being.

Vinschool is the largest education system in Vietnam to commit to aligning all campuses with the international best practices of CIS. This commitment reflects our desire to “strive for excellence” and our motivation to innovate and build Vietnamese schools of international calibre where students are supported and guided on their journey to become global citizens.

According to the CIS accreditation cycle, Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High school will shortly embark on the Preparatory evaluation stage.

The CIS accreditation process offers many benefits for students and teachers:

  • Students will receive a world-class education supported by high quality facilities and resources.
  • Member and accredited schools have access to the CIS network which can connect students with international scholarship opportunities and support their applications to world-renowned universities who are part of the CIS community, including Columbia University, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, to name but a few.
  • Teachers will have great opportunities to improve their expertise, broaden their networks, and promote the exchange of knowledge and skills through global forums and training courses offered by CIS.


The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the world’s leading educational accreditation organization with more than 740 K-12 member schools and 610 member universities/colleges in 123 countries worldwide. The goal of CIS is to support its member schools in implementing and achieving the highest international education standards and constantly improving their teaching and learning quality.

See more about CIS here: https://www.cois.org/