Compulsory education program – the bilingual PROGRAM

Friday, 07/07/2017, 17:07 (GMT+7)

The bilingual program is combines the Vinschool 5 in 1 comprehensive education program of and the Cambridge curriculum standardized by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the largest provider of international accredited education for students aged 5-19.

The bilingual program applied from Grade 1 to Grade 5 tracks student results withthe Checkpoint Primary test. The High school bilingual program consists of 3 stages including lower secondary school (from grade 6 to grade 8) with the output of the Checkpoint Secondary test, Cambridge High School (from 9th to 10th grade) with the output of IGCSE certification and Cambridge Baccalaureate (from Grade 11 to 12) with the A-level test

Outstanding advantages

  • The program aims to educate students the values of the Vietnamese culture and traditions, while preparing them with the skills and knowledge that will allow them to thrive globally.
  • Graduates from the bilingual with A-level certification have the flexibility to confidently study abroad in top Universities around the world, as well as in Vietnam’s national universities, having obtained the compulsory education and high school graduation certificates after completion of Grade 12.


Vinschool Comprehensive Education program (Grade 1 to 12)

The Vinschool Comprehensive Education Program is based on the Ministry of Education’s national curriculum, and designed to  integrate the Cambridge curriculum. This allows teachers to teach students fundamental knowledge while retaining their interest in learning, cultivating their self-learning and independent thinking skills at the same time.


Primary and Cambridge Junior High School Curriculum (Grade 1 to Grade 8)  

  • The Cambridge compulsory curriculum is taught in English, and includes 3 main subjects (Maths, English, Integrated Science) for Primary (Grade 1-Grade5) and Junior High school (Grade 6-Grade 8)
  • The curriculum focuses on the development of language, communication, information-processing ability, critical thinking, problem solving as well as information research and analysis. The curriculum not only equips Vinschool students with necessary knowledge and skills but also improves their passion for learning and enhances their perceptions of environment, social and cultural diversity.


IGCSE Cambridge International Secondary Education Curriculum (Grade 9 – Grade 10) 

  • IGCSE Curriculum is the most popular International Secondary Education curriculum for students aged 14-16. The curriculum equips students with knowledge, approaches to applying knowledge to real life contexts, trains them to be adaptable and improves their communication, presentation, and debate skills.
  • At Vinschool, students learn at least 3 Cambridge Curriculum subjects within 2 years of Grade 9 and Grade 10. At the end of Grade 10, they take an examination to get their IGCSE certification by CIE. IGCSE is considered the best accreditation for higher education (particularly including AS and A-level) as well as providing training in necessary skills for their future careers.


International Higher Education program Advanced A-level (Grade 11- Grade 12)

  • A-level program (consisting of AS for Grade 11 and A2 for Grade 12) is an advanced curriculum for students’ Entrance Examination into higher education. It is widely recognized by a universities in the world, especially top-ranking universities. The curriculum equips students with specialized knowledge of school subjects, promotes critical thinking and develops their capacity of processing, evaluating, analysing information to help thedecision-making process.
  • At the end of Grade 12, students take an A-level exam by CIE and and can confidently apply to the top universities around the world. Students who have high A-level results (with C grade point and above – depending on the enrollment policy of each school) have the opportunity to earn college credits for A-level subjects, giving them time to learn more challenging subjects in the university or shorten the University graduation time.