“Child safeguarding is an integral part of educational practice and quality improvement”

Tuesday, 25/02/2020, 12:02 (GMT+7)

In order to provide students with a healthy, safe and well-developed learning environment, child safeguarding is considered a key driver. Being fully aware of its importance and aiming to give parents a clearer picture of international child safeguarding standards so that they can accompany and coordinate with the school, Vinschool has successfully hosted a range of child safeguarding workshops for parents, leadership teams, school management board, teachers and support staff.

This workshop was led by Ms. Catherine Beith, an International School Safeguarding Consultant from ICPA (International Child Protection Advisors), and also a member of  the International Child Protection Task Force. She has extensive experience in creating and developing child protection policies for international schools as well as offering a wide range of basic to advanced training courses on student safety for educators from leading schools around the world.

There are different types of child abuse including neglect and sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Particularly, in the  Digital Age, child safeguarding is of growing concern. Thanks to the workshop, parents had an opportunity to learn about international child safeguarding standards and further understand their responsibilities for safeguarding issues.

During this workshop, Ms. Catherine Beith strongly emphasized that child safeguarding should be an integral part of educational practice and quality improvement.

With a great wealth of experience in developing and offering basic to advanced training courses for educators from leading schools across the world, and directly participating in defining standards and child protection policies, Ms. Catherine Beith shared practical solutions that guide parents to accompany and coordinate with the school in providing students a safe learning and living environment.

As a part of the workshop, parents and teachers were divided into small groups to discuss and deal with scenarios regarding safety at school, thereby identifying possible risks of child abuse and raising a greater awareness of child safeguarding.

Ms. Catherine Beith strongly emphasized that cyber safety for children in the Digital Age is a huge challenge for both the school and parents. How should adults behave  in the fast development of a child’s addiction to the Internet? Do parents understand the risks posed by adults or learners who use technology including the Internet to bully, groom, radicalize, or abuse children? To answer these questions, the trainer underlined that the school and parents play a role as ears and eyes in protecting and safeguarding children. The school is responsible for ensuring that all employees are fully aware of student safeguarding. Meanwhile, teachers and parents not only should constantly learn to update information, but also they can have two-way conversations with their children as much as possible to understand and find a common voice.

“Our ultimate goal is to bring our students to a learning environment that makes them feel physically and emotionally safe, and happy at school.”- Ms. Phan Ha Thuy, CEO of Vinschool shared in the workshop.

On the journey towards CIS accreditation, Vinschool education system, particularly 7 CIS member schools have made relentless efforts to improve themselves to meet CIS’s rigorous standards. Among CIS 4 key drivers, student well-being plays an important role in formulating CIS accreditation standards.

On the journey towards CIS accreditation, Vinschool is a leading Vietnamese education system following this set of standards. Thanks to the child safeguarding workshops, parents and other Vinschool’s stakeholders are fully aware that providing students with a healthy and safe learning environment is of great importance. Additionally, parents have a better understanding of international child protection standards so that they can accompany and collaborate with the school in facilitating student’s well-being.