Celebrating Tet Fair 2020 throughout Vinschool Education System

Tuesday, 21/01/2020, 09:01 (GMT+7)

The Tet Fair 2020 with many exciting activities was held at all schools within Vinschool Education System. In the spirits of global integration and inheritance of fine traditional values, Vinsers had a chance to explore the new year celebrations of Vietnam and many foreign countries. This was an opportunity for the schools to incorporate the new year theme into the lessons of Vietnamese Studies, Fine Arts, Global Citizenship Education (GCED), CLISE (Character and Life Skills), STEM, etc. Accordingly, a Tet Fair with a wide range of lively activities and meaningful experiences was held to nurture Vinsers’ love for the traditional new year holiday.

Exciting week before Tet Fair 2020

Before Tet Fair 2020, Vinser from all schools took part in various activities to explore the new year celebrations of Vietnam and many other countries in the world. They had amazing experiences learning about   the new  year holiday and the custom of ancestor worship and building spring-themed stuff from Lego pieces. These activities were integrated into subjects such as Vietnamese Studies, Fine Arts, Math, Science, ESL, GCED, STEM and more.

Vinser enjoyed making Tet e-cards in the ICT Lab of Vinschool Green Bay Primary School.

Not only did Vinser learn more about the beautiful new year celebration traditions of Vietnam, but they were also able to practice and apply their skills and knowledge from different subjects a series of activities prior to the Tet Fair like wrapping “chung” cakes, , decorating classrooms, making handmade products, displaying the five-fruit tray, composing Tet couplets, drawing pictures of the new year traditions in foreign countries, extending new year wishes to grandparents, parents, and teachers, etc

Vinser at Vinschool Golden River Primary School were excited to wrap “chung” cakes under the instructions of a parent.
Through the calligraphy writing activity, Vinser at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School gained deeper insights to a fine tradition of Vietnamese people.

To make the Tet Fair more meaningful, the schools also held some activities for parents to join. For example, for the activity “Spring memories” at Vinschool Golden River parents were invited to classes to share with Vinser their childhood memories of new year holidays, their dreams and joy and how much they longed for Tet every year. Through their stories, the students had a clearer picture of the new year celebration traditions of Vietnamese people across the country.

Talking about her experiences of the week, Ms. Tran Thi Cam Linh, homeroom teacher of Class 2B1 at Vinschool The Harmony Primary School, also a parent of a Vinser, shared: “All the activities in the culture week are integrated into the subjects that students learn at school, especially the new subjects such as Vietnamese Studies, GCED and so on. These activities are creative and exciting. We hope that the Tet Fair with its interesting activities will help the students achieve the learning objectives and contribute to preserving the beautiful cultural traditions of Vietnam”.

The emotion-filled Tet Fair

With diverse themes, the schools offered their Vinser a wide range of exciting activities and cultural experiences. The throbbing drumbeats, the vibrant lion dance, the traditional calligraphy contest and many folk games brought everyone back in time.

Traditional calligraphy contest at the Tet Fair of Vinschool Times City Secondary School.
A Vinser at Vinschool Central Park Primary School was answering questions about Cambridge subjects in the “Around the World” quiz.
“Harmony Spring Wrestling Game”, an addition to Tet Fair 2020, taught Vinser about their forefathers’ determination, courage, perseverance and sportsmanship.

The Tet Fair got more exciting as students and their parents jointly took part in competitions such as wrapping “chung” cakes, Ring the Golden Bell, flower arranging and many more. Lots of Vinser enjoyed watching the folk games and pictured in mind what Tet was like in the past.

Parents and their children excitedly joined the “Ring the Golden Bell” competition at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School.
The “Warm Kitchen” contest at Vinschool Golden River was a big challenge for Vinser and their parents as they needed perfect teamwork to cook well.
Parents made Vinser at Vinschool Times City Primary School – T36 so proud as they were able to create very nice-looking “chung” cakes.
The “Pounding sticky rice” contest was a highlight of the Tet Fair at Vinschool Times City Secondary School with the participation of both Vinser and their parents. They joined hands together to make soft, tasty “giay” cakes.

Through the exciting and appealing activities, Vinser and their parents had joyful memories at Tet Fair 2020. Mr. Nguyen Hong Minh, parent of a Vinser from Class 5A5, Vinschool Times City Primary School – T35, said: “I’m so happy to be hereto arrange flowers with my daughter. We don’t have time doing it together at home. Thanks to this activity, I had a chance to show her how to arrange flowers nicely. To my surprise, she was very excited and and followed my instructions. I think the activities like this are very meaningful as they remind children of the fine traditions of their homeland. The most wonderful thing it brings about is l our time spent together”.

Thanks to the engaging activities of the Tet Fair, Vinser had wonderful experiences and learned great new things. More importantly, their national pride and love for their homeland were deepened. Mr. Hoang Long Trong, teacher at Vinschool Central Park Secondary School, said: “Tet Fair is a good time for Vinser to explore the fine cultural traditions of Vietnam and other countries. They are able to see cultural diversity in the world and learn to respect differences.

Though Tet holiday is different now, its traditional values still remain and continue being handed down to the future generations. The Vinschool Tet Fair connected Tet in the past and at present and marked the end of a happy, meaningful year of Vinser.