Bridging the education gap with the Vinschool Kien Tao Scholarship Programme

Wednesday, 10/08/2022, 14:08 (GMT+7)

Vinschool will award 40 scholarships with a total value of more than 3 billion VND to students in grades 8 - 9 who, despite challenging circumstances, are still eager to learn and have the will to overcome life’s difficulties.

Vinschool, a not-for-profit educational system, following its mission to nurture best talents has, for more than nine years, focused its resources to provide the best learning environment for students and demonstrated its social responsibility through community-based charitable activities.

Unlike conventional financial support scholarships, Kien Tao Scholarships are aimed at students from disadvantaged families, giving them access to international standard education programmes, helping them to have a solid knowledge base for future success.

Scholarship evaluations do not solely rely on grade transcripts or general knowledge tests. They are conducted using a multi-dimensional approach that includes academic achievement, personal essays, letters of recommendation from teachers, sharing from parents and the students’ families, and face-to-face interviews.


Students who receive scholarships not only receive a monthly stipend allowance to cover their living expenses, but also computer and internet access to Vinschool’s high-quality education and teachers through online learning. Specifically, Vinschool teachers and students will participate in teaching, counselling, and orientation for the Student throughout the course of study- starting with a personal development path for each Student based on the Student and his/her family’s input. Through teaching and mentoring activities, Vinschool teachers accompany and support the Student in achieving the goals outlined in their development plan.

Scholarships are awarded annually based on an annual assessment by Vinschool until students graduate from high school.

Implemented in 2020, the Kiến Tạo Scholarship programme not only helps disadvantaged students close the education gap and offers opportunities for success for students in the city, but also inspires them to continue their quest for knowledge, pursue their dreams, and overcome difficulties for a better future. So far the programme has provided opportunities for 68 students from 10 provinces across the country. In addition to outstanding academic achievements such as district, provincial and national Student Examinations awards, after two years on the programme, students actively participate in project activities such as: developing a reading culture in the community; environmental protection projects; or volunteer projects to help disadvantaged children in the place where they study and live.

Nguyễn Thị Thùy Linh – One of 68 students in the country who received Vinschool’s 2020 Kien Tao Scholarship – strives to achieve the Dean’s achievements at the entrance of the specialised high school University of Science, Hue City, shared: “When I was exposed to the learning environment of Vinschool, I learnt more computer skills and practical knowledge instead of just studying in textbooks. I participated in online lessons with Vinschool teachers for 3 sessions each week. Accompanying me was Hà Linh, an 11th grader of Vinschool Ocean Park. Conversations with Linh in English have improved my English ability. Currently, I am tutoring English for a fourth-grade student near the temple where I live. Vinschool’s Kien Tao Scholarship has given me a new source of energy to help me look beyond the future and strive to rise above all circumstances.”

Photo: Nguyễn Thị Thùy Linh, 10th grade, specialised high school of the University of Science, Hue City

Vinschool believes that with the Kien Tao Scholarship programme, students who want to learn will be discovered, supported, and oriented to become more successful in the future, to contribute positively to building the country, and adding value to the community through their talents.

Interested students can apply for the 2022 – 2023 Kiến Tạo Scholarship review programme before August 15, 2022, HERE.

Parents, individuals and organisations can introduce potential Students who are suitable for the Scholarship programme to the Organising Committee via the following contact: [email protected]

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