Vinsers of Vinschool Gardenia pledged to “respect differences” at the “Anti-bullying at school” English speaking contest

Monday, 11/01/2021, 17:01 (GMT+7)

Sharing a similar theme as the umbrella project, “Vinsers are kind – Anti-bullying at school," an English speaking contest organized by Vinschool Gardenia Primary School has recently concluded.

This English speaking contest attracted the participation of more than 30 students, who competed in their classes in the qualifying round for slots in the finale. Those who got into the finale really satisfied the audience with their impressive speeches and lively plays.

English speaking contest
Vinsers demonstrated their creativity and English proficiency through short plays.

With their thorough understanding of bullying, Vinsers cast light on the nature and impacts of bullying, different types of bullying, and facts about victims of bullying in schools. The fifth-grade contestants also made a connection to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and Vinschool’s child protection policy and shared contact information of those who can help in case Vinsers are bullied or witness bullying at school.

English speaking contest
“Be a buddy, not a bully” was the message spread by Quang Bảo from Class 3A4.

Through the “Vinsers are kind – Anti-bullying at school” project, Vinsers from the Gardenia campus learned about what bullying is and which skills or strategies can be useful in situations of bullying at school. In addition, both the project and the English speaking contest helped students gain a deeper understanding of Respect, one of Vinschool’s core values, and at the same time improve a variety of skills such as presentation, teamwork, and effective communication in English.

hùng biện tiếng Anh English speaking contest
Việt Hùng from Class 4A2, winner of the contest, said: “We are well aware that a school will be a safe and happy place if everyone in the school community displays acts of kindness and respect for differences and takes actions to prevent bullying”.

Sitting in the audience, the mother of Dang Khoi from Class 5A1 shared: “I am proud of and surprised at what Vinsers experience at school and bring to this contest. I really like the way they teamed up and addressed problems – a strong sense of responsibility was demonstrated”.

hùng biện tiếng Anh English speaking contest
Vinsers from Vinschool Gardenia Primary School gained further insights into school bullying and acquired essential skills to handle bullying cases.

The “Vinsers are kind – Anti-bullying at school” project started in October 2020 with Colour Day, where all Gardenia Vinsers created a fingerprint tree to show their commitment to respecting differences and this tree will be displayed in the main hall until the end of this school year. The Colour Day was also marked with nearly 60 performances ranging from playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, storytelling, English speaking contests to solving the Rubik’s cube, ball spinning, drawing, and so on. During the 2 months of project implementation, about 1,000 kind acts were recorded across the school and more than 100 posters reflecting Vinsers’ thoughts on the topic were made.

Bảo Anh from Class 3A3 felt grateful for what she learned: “Thanks to the project, I know how to comfort others when they’re sad. Making others feel better brings me joy and new friends”. Sharing a common appreciation for the project, Bảo Sơn from Class 5A1 said: “It helped me better understand what kindness is about and how to spread it. Sometimes an act of kindness is simply tying shoelaces for a friend, picking up a dropped item for a first-grader, or giving way to younger kids. I am happy that I can manage my emotions better and do more good deeds”.