Announcement of the Vinschool Scholarship Program

Wednesday, 28/02/2018, 00:02 (GMT+7)

In order to create favorable learning conditions to develop and sharpen talentsof outstanding students, Vinschoolhas announcedto present the Scholarshipsvalued from 30% to 100% of tuition fees for students from 2nd to 11th grade.

The program has two different periods, the first oneis in December, 2017, and the second oneis in June, 2018. They are bothapplied for eitherthe VinschoolStandardProgram or the Advanced Program. The scholarships will beapplied for the whole studying periodat Vinschooluntil the students graduatefrom high school as long asthe students maintain their academic performance  andmeet all requirements about their capability and conductand as stated in the scholarship program.


After the review process, Vinsers who meet the criteria regardingacademic result, capability, and conduct will be selected in the long list for the Writing Roundto be assessed in terms of their logical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, debating, imagination and many other intellectual qualities.

After the Writing test, the students arethen selected in the short list for the PresentationRound, wherethey are arranged to choosea topic and prepare in 45 minutes, and finally present and answer the questions from the judgesin 15 minutes. In 45 minutes of preparation, students can search for information on theInternet, but they are not allowed to get help from anyone during the preparing and presentingprocess.

For students from 2nd to 11th grade who are studying outside of Vinschool, the scholarships will be applied from the academic year 2018-2019, and the application must be submitted before June 10, 2018. For more information about Scholarship Program, parents and students can access the official website of Vinschool.