5 in 1 comprehensive educational program

Friday, 07/07/2017, 17:07 (GMT+7)

Vinschool aspires to become a world-class school in Vietnam actualized by our 5 in 1 comprehensive educational program. Vinschool students not only study the national academic program, they also focus on English, Physical Education – Music & Arts andLife Skills.

Vinschool also offers its students an opportunity to study accredited, high quality and licensed programs from prestigious international educational institutions, such as the International Pre-School Curriculum (IPC), the Cambridge program, the Leader in Me program, the Social Emotional Learning program (SEL) and so on.

There is a program Director in charge of each specialized curriculum who is responsible for the development and management of these programs in Vinschool.


1. National academic program 

  • The program content is selected and teachers apply teaching methods and tools such as Mind Maps, the Project Approach, Flipped Classrooms, and so on in order to a create more effective learning process for students.
  • Student evaluation is a whole process that has been reformed and teachers develop a portfolio foreach student in order to track their progress.

2. English program 

  • Vinschool’s goal is to build a learning environment where all students and teachers can use English as a Second Language.
  • ESOL Cambridge program – ESOL Standard Cambridge English Language Assessment, which provides the most valuable certificates and diplomas in English language teaching and learning to teachers and students all around the world.
  • All native English teachers are from English speaking countries such as UK, USA, Australia and are certified with experience in international teaching.
  • Students take an entrance examination to be correctly placed into classes according to their proficiency level.
  • In addition, Vinschool organizes activities to give students the opportunity to practice English in a real-life context. Some examples of international English competitions are the TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior, World Scholar’s Cup, held annually and provide students with certificates that may help them in the future.


3. Physical Education (PE) program 

  • Vinschool students have the opportunities to learn diverse sports such as basketball, swimming, soccer, dance sport, aerobics, and so on during their time at school rather than having to attend extra-curricular classes and clubs elsewhere. 
  • The Vovinam martial arts program is offered to all Vinschool students, serving the purpose of not only trainning their physical abilities but also educating students on respect for elders, an important tradition and core value of Vietnamese people.
  • The Vinschool PE program is integrated with the school nutrition program (managed by professional dietitians) and the Life skills program (in the spirit of practicing skills such as teamwork, fair-play and win-win opportunities).
  • Vinschool has an outstanding infrastructure with a great number of outdoor and indoor facilities available for students.


4. Music & Arts program 

  • Vinschool students have a range of music and arts programs such as painting, music, folklore music, drama, all of which seek to discover their talents and provide them with a more holistic approach to learning.
  • The students also have a chance to take part in as annual international programs such as the FAO International Painting Exhibition, the Doremi show, and take part in concerts and shows alongside famous Vietnamese and International artists, as well as the International Choir Competition .


5. Life skills program

  • Vinschool’s Life skills curriculum is based on the Social and Emotional Learning program (SEL), widely used in schools all around the world.
  • In December, 2014, Vinschool signed a licensing agreement with the Franklin Covey Group (USA) to implement – “The Leader In Me” program, throughout the whole system.
  • The program plays an important role in training Vinschool students to become confident, proactive, responsible, goals-oriented individuals; and teach them to make plans, prioritize important goals and work together to succeed.