Alumnus Nguyen Thi Mai Anh joins the developer circle in New Zealand

Tuesday, 24/08/2021, 15:08 (GMT+7)

Mai Anh’s winning of a full scholarship from the renowned University of Waikato and landing a job as an analyst developer in New Zealand were part of her plan during her high school years at Vinschool.

Nguyen Thi Mai Anh, an alumnus of Vinschool Times City High School, was known years ago for winning a 100% scholarship worth NZ 85,000 (about VND 1.35 billion) from the University of Waikato (top 1.1% of best universities in the world according to QS rankings). Shortly after finishing her Bachelor’s degree with Honours, Mai Anh landed a full-time job as an analyst developer at FNZ, a reputable tech firm in New Zealand.

As a Vinser, she had a strong preference for programming design and took initial steps towards pursuing it as a career by actively participating in multiple after-school clubs:

  • Head of Design – Vietnam National Model United Nations (VNMUN) 2016
  • Head of Design & Event Planning – LUMOS (Vinschool Student Council’s event)
  • Chief Editor & Designer of Vinsers’ Yearbook 2014 – 2017
  • Designer of the Monthly Vinschool Magazine
  • Representative of Waikato International Students’ Association

“I kept telling myself to take an active part in after-school clubs to find out exactly what I was passionate about and what I was really good at. My winning in Computer Skills for the Office competition when I was in grade 11, getting 3rd prize in the Internet-based Olympiad of English (IOE), and experiences with actual projects all helped me figure out my passion, hence my decision to pursue Interface Design & Computer Science as my college major,” shared Mai Anh.

Despite the challenges of living far from home, Mai Anh tried to adapt to her new life and arrange her schedule as best as she could. “I acquired effective time management skills when I was a Vinser and gradually developed good time management habits. I always make a detailed plan, put first things first, and take actions accordingly.” Her plan worked well indeed since she was an excellent student of the University of Waikato during her 3 years there. At the end of her second year Mai Anh completed her internship at FNZ, an asset management service provider in Wellington, which is now her current company. That helped Mai Anh secure her dream job and realize her long-sought goal later on.

Knowing herself is probably a prerequisite for this girl’s success. She knows what she really wants to learn about and turns it into what she wants to pursue as a career. “Choosing the right major increases your passion about your future career,” said Mai Anh. There is no luck here; her efforts and the individualized orientation she received during her school years were important contributors to Mai Anh’s journey to strive for excellence and make her dream come true.

“To pursue our passion and dream, we need to stay determined and believe in ourselves. Try hard, build your knowledge and skills, and success will find you one day!” said Mai Anh.

To meet students’ diverse needs for career orientation and professional development and to create a special advantage for them as they enter college, Vinschool has, over the past few years, implemented the credit-based education model for high schoolers. According to Mai Anh, this allows Vinsers to focus on the subjects of their choice, making it possible for them to unleash their potential and discover their dream jobs.

“I know what I really want to do, and I always picture in my mind who I will become. That gives me the determination I need to make it a reality.”

We wish Mai Anh further success and realization of her goals!