40 outstanding students awarded with Vinschool’s Kien Tao Scholarship 2022

Thursday, 22/09/2022, 10:09 (GMT+7)

After nearly two months with two rounds of intensive evaluation and selection, the Kien Tao Scholarship Program has found 40 outstanding individuals who best met the program's criteria to officially qualify for full scholarships.

Coming from more than 10 different provinces and cities across the country (such as Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Bac Giang, Nghe An, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri), the students scholarship recipients are individuals with excellent academic achievements, remarkable eagerness to learn and a strong drive to overcome challenges.

During the online meeting with the judges, the students had the opportunity to share about themselves and their plans to realize their dreams.

“My family only has two members. My mother works to raise me. My grandparents and my two aunts were victims of Agent Orange. Aside from going to school, I have a part-time job washing dishes and making disposable chopsticks to help pay for school. I self-study and have a solid command of English, Spanish, German and French. I dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the future,” shared a Kien Tao Scholarship recipient.

After listening to the students’ stories, Mrs. Mai Thi Tinh (jury member of the Kien Tao Scholarship Program) expressed her heartfelt appreciation for their efforts to stay resilient against all odds: “Most of the applicants who have entered the interview round can self-study at a good or even excellent level. Many are high achievers in the provincial/municipal high school examinations. Possessing a disadvantaged background does not discourage them. Instead, each student expresses a passion for learning, dreams of academic success, and considers it a prerequisite to a brighter future”.

Sharing about the direction of the Kien Tao Scholarship program, Mrs. Mai Thi Tinh said: “After directly listening to the moving stories about what the students experience on a daily basis as well as their future plans and dreams, the members of the Selection Committee  believe that Vinschool will persist with its mission of adding values to the community, by creating positive impacts on the lives of students under special circumstances and difficulties through the Kien Tao Scholarship program”.

Congratulations to the 40 outstanding students who have earned the Vinschool’s 2022 Kien Tao Scholarship.It is Vinschool’s hope that they will all make steady progress and gain even more outstanding achievements.

The students who have been awarded the Kien Tao Scholarship have been notified by the Organizing Committee via the emails and phone numbers registered with the program. Parents and students should check the SMS message for the most accurate and complete results.