30 Full Scholarships to the UK this summer for Winners of Vincamp 2017

Friday, 07/07/2017, 16:07 (GMT+7)

Following the success of Vincamp 2016 with winners going to summer camp in the US, 30 students with the best learning projects presented in the Vincamp 2017 competition will  win full scholarships to spend 10 days in the UK this July. This will be a unique opportunity for Vinschool students to go on an international exchange this summer.

The winners of Vincamp will take part in many student exchange activities, learning skills  that will benefit them in their quest to become global citizens, as well as  discovering the  wonderful country, culture and people of the UK. They will be visiting famous sites such as the University of Cambridge campuse, Big Ben Tower, Buckingham Palace, the Harry Potter film set, London Eye, experiencing the Thames River cruise, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and so on.


Cambridge Universityone of the world-leading universities, an attractive destination for winners of VinCamp 2017

Vincamp is an annual summer camp organized by Vinschool, a member of Vingroup, for students of the Vinschool Education System from the ages of 10-17.

This year’s theme “proactive learning – student leadership”, has attracted many students with nearly 140 projects submitted.  VinCamp 2017 promises a diverse range of topics reflecting Vinsers’ concerns and solutions for issues that affect their community. The projects focus on improving student learning efficiency in different disciplines by applying skills such as conflict resolution, or self-management skills.


Students will present their projects as well as the results they have gathered from testing their ideas. The winners will be selected to take part in the International summer camp in the UK. Photo: Vinschool students presenting their projects in VinCamp 2016.

In light aftermath of the recent child abuses cases reported in the news, some students also chose to tackle different areas of this issue, coming up with creative and practical solutions.  Some groups designed bilingual handbooks to instruct their peers of signs and solutions of child abuse. They are also constantly exploring ways to apply technology and social media to raise public awareness on sexual abuse and ways to mobilize the community to act and ensure a safe environment for children.


The winners of VinCamp 2016 participated in the International summer camp in the USA. In 2017, they will explore historical sites in the UK.

The distinctive difference of VinCamp 2017 is that candidates will work in groups (instead of on their own) to improve their teamwork skills – one of the essential skills of the 21st century. The judges will also assess the results of project instead of only assessing the idea. This will encourage students to propose projects that are practical, and applicable to the community. In addition, one of the criteria is that all documents and reports on project results, as well as video clips must be done in English.

Mr Phan Anh – Principal of Vinschool High school said: “Through Vincamp, Vinschool expects to motivate and equip students with self-study skills to help them build up fundamental knowledge and solid skills to adapt with constant changes in the future as well as get ready to integrate into the global community”.

Vincamp summer camp is annually organized by the Vinschool Education System for Vinschool students with the goal of instilling in students the sense of responsibility and proactiveness as citizens of the world,  with the belief in the ability to change themselves,  and the community for the better.

Vincamp  was first organized in 2015 with the theme “The Youth can think big – Acting for a better life”. In 2016 the theme was “Pride in Vietnam – an Integrated Nation”, after which the 30 winners spent their summer in the US.

For more information about VinCamp 2017, please visit our website: www.vincamp.vinschool.com