11th grade school girl invited for internship in the US

Monday, 06/08/2018, 15:08 (GMT+7)

Nguyen Mai Anh, a Vinschool 11th grade student, has become the youngest international intern at Recology, one of the leading environment management companies in the US with a long history of work in this area. The internship was offered to Mai Anh by Recology’s Chairman of the Board of Directors after she won the Silver Pride Award for her environment short film in June 2018.

Dream of awakening the community

“Awakened” (Thức tỉnh) – a short film by Anh and classmate has overcome more than 900 other entries from 70 countries, to win a silver medal at the GENIUS Olympiad held in New York. While only 6 minutes long, the film vividly portrayed the current environmental pollution situation in Vietnam, jolting the community awake to the dangers of pollution.

The idea for ​​making the film came from Mai Anh’s visit to a Lung Hospital in Hanoi. “I was too shocked to know that the majority of recent deaths at the hospital were due to environmental pollution,” said Mai Anh.

Mai Anh (left) and her friends participating the Final Round of Genius Olympiad in New York, USA

The film helped Mai Anh’s team win the prestigious award and brought much pride to her team. But for a 17-year-old, an award is not the final destination. Her dream is to “awaken” the community not only through warnings and raising awareness of environmental protection but also by taking action.

After the competition, Mai Anh approached Recology, one of the largest and most well establised environment management companies in the US, to introduce her project with an aim of determining what actions could be taken.

Becoming the youngest international intern

Mai Anh’s interest in taking the initiative for change, her dedication to the community, and her confidence, proactiveness, English – fluency convinced Recology’s Chair of the Board, Dennis Wu. Mr. Wu and the Recology staffs were impressed with the film and were surprised that it was made by an 11th grade school girl from Vietnam. Understanding Mai Anh’s passion and drive, Recology decided to offer her a 4-week internship in San Francisco. Mai Anh is the youngest international intern in Recology history, one who has yet to graduate from high school.

In Recology’s Office: from left, the COO, Chairman Wu, Mai Anh, the CEO

“Never before have I been so moved and proud. This was a great opportunity that I have never thought of. It is a milestone that is motivating me to pursue my ideas and aspirations in the future.” – shared Mai Anh.

During her 4 weeks internship, Mai Anh visited and observed the operation of various Recology’s plants, took a trial working experience at a collection factory, met with different Recology specialists who taught her with about issues such as recycling, zero waste programs, and compost production. Mai Anh is now making a film that aims  to educate and enhance people’s awareness of environmental protection. After completing her internship in the US, Mai Anh plans to research the possibilities of a zero waste program in Vietnam.

Passion and Skills are the “Key”

Mai Anh’s success comes from her dedication and determination to pursue her passion for improving the environment. She says: “There were times when I woke up at 3 a.m and went out to observe the garbage collection in residential areas, in the market, river, as well as the suffering of the people in the hospital. When I saw the careless littering, the huge landfills, the terrible black polluted ponds and lakes, the smell of polluted air spreading over a few kilometers, I was so concerned for the serious pollution and I realized that urgent action should be taken.”

Aside from her own efforts, Mai Anh received also strong support from GATE Center – Vinschool’s Gifted & Talented Education Center. Inspiring, supporting and guiding giflted students, GATE Center plays an important role in leading students to develop their talents. “My ideas and my passions would not be have been motivated and encouraged without GATE Center’s guidance and inspiration,” said Mai Anh.

Mai Anh with Recology’s workers in a recyle plant

Mr. Quy Hien (Adivisor at GATE Center, Vinschool) coached and guided Mai Anh in coming up with her idea shared: “We are always looking for opportunity to develop the special abilities of students like Mai Anh. We can assist with national or international competitions in which these students become contributing global citizens or with a specialized education program tailored to each student’s needs.”

Last but not least, it would be remiss not to mention the skills set needed for a global citizen including English proficiency, proactiveness, presentation skills, problem solving skills and planning skills which are all incorporated into Vinschool’s curriculum and students offered the chance to put learning into practice

With the solid foundation honed through academic exellence, there will be more and more Vietnamese students who become strong global citizens, confidently pursuing their passions like Mai Anh.