Vinsers Competed in the Sport Week at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 10:06 (GMT)

The annual sports tournament Sport Week at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School took place with impressive achievements of Vinsers.

From basketball and badminton courts to swimming pools, athletes delivered inspiring performances and noble sportsmanship. Not only is it a traditional playground, Sport Week is also a place where Vinsers can show off the sports skills they have learned in Physical Education classes. The exciting and fierce matches left unforgettable moments, demonstrating the enthusiasm, solidarity and fair play of all participating athletes.



In particular, Vinsers not only have the opportunity to express themselves within the framework of the school tournament, but also have the opportunity to participate in competitions at the District and City levels, contributing to the sports development of the facility.

With impressive achievements, Sport Week Vinschool Grand Park once again affirmed its position as one of the leading sporting events in the community.