Grade 6 Student Publish The First Book About Family Affection And Love For Animals

Tuesday, 18/06/2024, 10:06 (GMT)

During the launch ceremony of her first work on May 30, Minh Khue – a student of class 6B3 – shared about the process of composing the Vietnamese-English bilingual book. Minh Khue said that the story in the book was inspired by Su – the pet dog raised by her family.

Through the story of Su, Khue wants to convey many meaningful messages about family affection and love for animals: “I want to borrow the words of a dog to make readers find it more interesting and easier to sympathize with.”

Using role-playing techniques, the book recounts the important, emotional milestones in the first 3 years of the dog Su’s life, while also describing the life of an animal-loving family in Can Tho. The book includes 12 chapters, printed 1,000 copies and published by Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House.

In particular, Khue donated 50 books to libraries in remote areas and 100 books to the school she is attending, to spread the book’s message to more readers.